You’re not ‘mixed race’

I personally know from my childhood that people can be very nasty and so inner about where grandparents and parents are from. My Grandfather was Jamaican , born in Jamaica and then moved over to the UK to study and to secure a job. When I say Jamaican, he was not a white man. However, he was a ‘light skin’ man. My Dad, he is also light skin and then me yes of course I am fair too!

I loved going over to see my Grandfather, he used to always give me sweeties and so on. My Dad had always implemented into my upbringing to be proud of where my ancestors came from because it is what it makes you. I had always done so. However, when I moved primary school, the topic of Grandparents arose. I was not worried about stating that my Grandfather was Jamaican. I was completely oblivious as to why people would not believe me. Yes I have blonde hair and green eyes but why would I lie?

Anyways it went on and on in Primary school. Maybe verging on bullying now looking back. I was referred to as ‘acting black’ because apparently I was lying. My parents had to come into school to address the situation as it was quite persistent.¬† But unfortunately, it didn’t stop there.

When I moved into secondary School, you know the topic comes up. I live in South London so it its quite culturally diverse, when you start somewhere questions are asked. Again, I was honest. I embraced what my Dad had always told me to be proud of. Again, it was shot down by people who were around me. ‘Your too white’ ‘You are begging it’. It is absolutely ludicrous why on earth I would lie about it.

It is quite sad really. To be honest, as I’ve got older the topic arises less. But because of my history I can not even be bothered to mention it anymore. It is so contradictory between home life and social life. Your parents teach you to be proud yet everyone else questions you.

Since having Milo and Oscar it has made me think about it even more. I hope they do not have to go through what I did. Unfortunately, all of the social media malarkey I have received it seems as though they just may do.¬†Milo and Oscar have the same Mother and Father. I am often asked about if they are ‘full brothers (hate that term)’. Just to qualify yes they are!!

Next week I will be addressing all of the issues we have faced so far regarding Milo and Oscar.

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    • Tyler-Morgan
    • November 20, 2017

    LOVE THIS! I have a little cousin who’s mix raced with ginger hair and freckles (but has more of a white complexion) people would always question why he called “my grandma” grandma! So I love everything about this post!!

    • Kate
    • November 20, 2017

    That must be so hard. My kids are mixed race ( same dad, my husband) but one has straight hair and is a fraction lighter skinned. You can see people assuming all the time lol! Those who don’t know just don’t understand how genes work. But those who do wouldn’t question at all. Unfortunately sometimes it’s our job to educate but sometimes you just feel like swearing at them don’t you? lol!

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