Yama Momo.

Some people would say that I am an absolute foodie who always returns to the same restaurants once I have fallen in love with them. Yama Momo is definitely one of those restaurants and luckily for me it is situated very near to my home. The cuisine at Yama Momo is Japanese which makes the restaurant even more perfect for me as I love to get numerous appetizers and side dishes wherever I eat because I can never decide on one main meal. I have had experiences where I have just ordered one main meal and it is not to my liking and I sit there very hangry *. Ordering appetizers and side dishes opposed to one main meal ensures that you will definitely order at least one thing to suit your taste buds.

The ambience in a restaurant is very important to me as I feel that a dining experience is not solely about the food.  Yama Momo has a very beautiful and cosy interior, with low hanging lights and an open kitchen, of which I love. They have lots of ingredients on display which is visually appeasing.

Every dish I have had in Yama Momo is divine (and I have had a few). I know some people can be put off by a restaurant that serves sushi as they assume that is all they serve. However, this is not the case at Yama Momo. In fact their menu is rather large and serves many non fish options for both starters, side dishes and main meals. Miles likes the roasted pork belly with steamed rice. Nevertheless, I adore sushi and seafood and I just love the tuna and truffle mayonnaise maki. Every dish is presented as an art piece so it is always visually appeasing especially the sashimi.

Yama Momo does not only serve impeccable food, they also serve the most imaginative cocktails I have had. The mixologist is very creative and every glass they serve is highly thought about. All cocktails are served in various glasses with decorations such as flame fired pine cones, fruit kebabs and sticks of candy floss to complement. The mixologist is very accommodating, if you can not see a drink on the menu that you would like, or would like to try something a little out of the ordinary, nothing is ever too much.

I normally book a table beforehand, but there has been a few occasions where I have spontaneously walked past and tried to get a table at Yama Momo. More times than not I have been allocated a table after a little wait, of which I do not mind as it gives me a chance to sit at the cocktail bar. If you want to enjoy the food in the comfort of your own home, Yama Momo also offer a takeaway collection service or you can order through deliveroo (depending on location of home).

All of the staff are very accommodating, very attentive and happy regardless of take out or eat in. I have recommended and taken many friends to Yama Momo and they all agree that their food is delicious. If you have not ventured down there yet I suggest you do. Are there any restaurants that you would recommend? I would love to know and try!

Lots of love

Lauren x


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