Why instagramming is not easy….

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It looks fancy when you put ad or gifted, you get shit for free and it super easy!!


I just wanted to clear up some perceptions of influencing. I hate that word to be honest. I once had it in my Instagram bio and felt a little proud to have it there but now quite frankly not anymore.

I suppose I am just me, living my life and if you like it that is great. The thing I want to do the most is to be hashtag loyal baby… sorry I can’t write loyal without thinking of Love Island now lol. Loyal to myself and if I can make anyone feel normal in this whole world of perfection then that is even better.

‘ it looks fancy or as if you are showing off when you get to write ad or gifted’

For me actually it is very fucking jarring. Mostly because either my followers are so adamant not to like the pictures because of the word ad even if its a buff picture and also because Instagram caps your reach so that picture gets less attention. I would like to think its the later and actually my followers just have not see the ad picture.

I do find it quite hard and disheartening when all you are trying to do is your job and your likes are not the usual amount on paid jobs. I suppose its relevantly new in comparison to YouTube but its the same there. When you watch peoples videos that helps for them to fund their lives, its the same with likes when it comes to ad’s.

It means a lot and it cost you nothing. Literally, so like all the ad pictures you see if you actually like the picture.

‘ You get shit for free’

I mean with ad’s sometimes you are sent things for free but actually sometimes you don’t. Even when you are sent things to promote- it is technically not for free, you are working to get paid. It is for example, you are an administrative assistant. You need a computer, keyboard and mouse to work right? Same for influencers, they need the product to work with.

With gifts, again its not free because you need to put time into showing everyone what you received. Nothing really on Instagram is for free. People send you ‘gifts’ for you to promote their brand.

‘It is super easy’

This is for sure a total fucking myth. It is not easy. Sometimes you are sent a brief the day before it needs to go live. As you know, I have two children to tend to so sometimes it can very stressful trying to work around collecting them from school, dinner times and bath times. Whilst now battling with finishing my teacher training and also battling with the darkening of the weather for good light for photos. I still need to invest in a ring light. If you have any recommendations let me know. I repeat it is not easy…

Also, it is not just purely work when you are doing ads. You have to keep your Instagram going. Because lets face it, if someone only ever posted ads you would unfollow right. So in between ads you need to have normal photos. Quite possibly even when you can not be bothered to create any new content you feel you have to.

When creating content, sometimes it needs approving or editing. I’ve had one piece of content sent back to me at least 6 six times which can be really tough when you really love the work yet the brand might not. You want to stay as hashtag loyal as you can to yourself and really you only want to publish content you genuinely like too. This can be tough and very time consuming.

You are working full time. All the time. Morning, Afternoon and Evening. It is not easy one little bit.


Of course there are pros, as there are with a lot of things. It is flexible in the sense that you do not have any office opening times.  You are able to work when the kids go to bed. You can work from home and you can negotiate with fees.  I do genuinely get excited when creating content and not one piece of work is the same.

Hope you’ve enjoyed an honest account of why doing Instagram for a job is not easy!

If you have any questions please dm me!

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