Who calls in sick?

It is coming to that time of year, whereby many of our children are getting either the sickness bug or a rotten cold and high temperature. Of course this means that children aren’t able to go into school and nurseries which can create great friction within households. And it really gets me thinking about who has to sacrifice their day at work to tend to your little ones?

It can often boil down to who will be losing the most amount of money per day and sometimes I think that is rather unfair. You may earn less than your partner but that doesn’t mean your job is less valuable than the partner who earns more. And unfortunately, men in the UK earn more than the women. So does that mean that the women, the mums are responsible for calling in sick when their off spring are sick?

Is that what makes us less likeable to employ? Because we as Mothers are the ones responsible for collecting the children from school and being off with them when they are sick? We are the ones who need to have time off to have the babies and so forth? Are we as women inherently at a disadvantage?

In the past,  I have found myself looking for job roles within schools and the social sector. I have often exited a job tab because the times do not work around the kids school times, yet possibly Miles or other Dads do not need to comprehend this as much I think. Now this is not a dig directly at Miles, it really is not. He is a fabulous father and is and has always been hands on.

At the moment I am finishing my PGCE and I can not be absent from school. This gives me a green card for not taking time off if the kids are sick which I suppose is awesome but tension can rise because Miles earns the majority of our household money and is a contractor so if he doesn’t work he doesn’t get paid and it makes me feel really bad. Having said this, I am leaving early from school because I need to collect both of the boys. It is tough because I do not want anyone to think I am not passionate about my job because I need to collect my children.

Once I finish my course, roles will be reversed and I will be the ones who the nursery and schools contact again.  Because that is the way it is I guess.

We have found it difficult previously when Oscar has been unable to go to nursery due to ear infections, I have had events to attend and Miles has been working. I have definitely felt anger towards the situation that I have to be the first one to say I will have the children because he needs to work. There is possibly a feeling of resentment and jealously that I am the one who doesn’t turn up to an event as I had planned to do.

I know  blogging and working on Instagram means you have the self employed status. Which yes screams flexibility however, sometimes there are dead lines and having a sick baby at home is not flexible friendly at all.  I have felt an unjust about it towards M because I have had to cancel my work day over his even though it really is not his fault as yes the bills need to be paid.

My point is, are we, as women ever going to be able to focus on work as much as men can? Or is our job going to come secondary to the mans job in the household? Is this your experience too?


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