What type of parent are you?

As a parent who has studied parenting styles and the outcomes of types of parenting I find that I am conscious about every move and decision I make. I am not saying I am a perfect parent but I try to be as best as I can.

It has been proposed that there are four types of parenting style: authoritative, authoritarian, indulgent and neglectful. We all try our best but what type of parent are you?

Authoritarian parent

  • You have strict and rigid rules (Your rules are set and are not flexible)
  • You grant little autonomy (freedom)
  • There is no compromise (it is your way or the high way)
  • You believe children should listen to you because you are older
  • You make your children do a lot of chores
  • Discipline can be harsh
  • Expect a lot from academic settings

Indulgent parent

  • You have few rules (and the ones you do have your children do not listen to)
  • You grant non age appropriate autonomy
  • You compromise and your children do not (children may determine bed time, and own routine)
  • Your children can do not wrong
  • Your children’s voices and opinions determine what happens in the house
  • No discipline is provided
  • If children misbehave at school, you do not support the school and teachers

Neglectful parent

  • You have no rules
  • You grant non age appropriate autonomy
  • You leave your child to their own devices
  • You do not worry about their health
  • You do not bother about your child’s schooling
  • This type of parenting can be described as maltreatment


  • You develop house rules together as a family
  • You grant age appropriate autonomy
  • Decisions within the household are up for discussion and you are able to compromise with your children
  • If discipline is given, children are told why and supported with what they can do better next time
  • Children hold an equal importance within the family
  • You attend parenting evenings and special assemblies.
  • You have a good rapport with your children’s teachers.

I have always aspired to be the last type of parent, however, I have definitely shown traits of an Authoritarian parent. I have noticed this more since Oscar has been born. Time is more scare so sometimes there is not time to explain why things happen and I just want Milo to listen to me. I have also shown traits of an indulgent parent as I believe when Milo was younger than I used to let Milo decide what we did on the weekends meaning it was all about him. However, now he is older, we try to make decisions regarding the weekend as a family. Therefore, I would suggest that parents like myself flutter between the lines of what type of parent I am.

What type of parent are you?? Do you recognise any of the traits in your parenting?

Lots of Love

Educating Mummy


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