Wean your baby when you are ready.

So when Milo was little, we weaned him just after the recommended time (6m). This was  not because we wanted to stick rigidly to the guidelines but because he was not a hungry baby and also because he was already ridiculously constipated since birth and we was told food would make it even worse.

Nevertheless, it always makes me feel very angry and shocked when people make other people feel bad about weaning ‘too early’. As a parent you will know when your baby is ready. Oscar began to show signs that he was interested in food, e.g. reaching out for my food, shouting at us when we were eating at around five months. To be honest, I probably would of stated before the recommended guidelines but I felt a pressure not to start before six months old. However, the guidelines always contradict each other, in the UK the guidelines suggest that a baby should be at least six months before being weaned as it may lead to allergies and is not ideal for their digestive system ect. However, in Ireland and Australia the guidelines suggest that food can be introduced between four and six months and suggest that delaying food for a baby does not actually decline the risk of gaining allergies. Also, if the national guidelines in the UK suggest weaning from six months why do I always see food in the supermarkets that state ” four months+”.

I have read a bit more this time about weaning and to be honest again everything contradicts each other. I really like the sound of baby led weaning so we are trying to incorporate this into our feeding times but we are open to adaption.

We have just begun to wean Oscar and we have decided that Oscar will not be made separate meals from us (salt will be added after Oscar’s portion has been dished up). We have such a busy schedule and quite frankly I do not have time to do so. Also, I made separate meals for Milo at the beginning stages and he was quite a fusspot so it made meal times more difficult than it needed to be. We are attempting to give Oscar food in its natural form so Oscar can gain the ability to chew and swallow from an earlier stage opposed to blending and pureeing meals (all aspects of baby led weaning). However, we have adopted some traditional feeding traits as Oscar has be guided with his spoon (ensuring he is getting food in his mouth rather than on the floor and in his hair). Also, I did like the idea of Oscar picking food up from his tray however, he does not seem to want to pick it up and eat alone yet. Which is quite bizarre as everything else he handles goes straight into his mouth. So I have been putting food onto his hands and guiding his hands to his mouth.

So far we have tried, carrots, strawberries, banana, avocado, apple and oats. I am quite surprised that he has not had any difficultly with eating little chunks and its very nice to watch him beginning to chew (even though he has no teeth). As soon as Oscar becomes uninterested, regardless of how much he has eaten (or not) I put the food to the side. We let Oscar decide when it is time to stop as quite honestly, I do not know when he is full up. I think dinner time should not be a chore, if it is not working for you at the moment. Try something different. There is no right way for everyone, but there will be a right way for you.

Lots of Love

Lauren xxxx

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