We had a babysitter for our wedding

We put our hands up, on our wedding day we needed help with Oscar

We decided to book a babysitter for the majority of the day (1pm-9pm) to put our mind at ease.

It allowed us to relax and to ensure that our parents were not running after a baby all day. Oscar is so active at the moment and he does not care about the special moments and about listening to our speeches.

We did not book any babysitter, we decided to ask a member of staff who worked at his nursery who he was keen on.

It was much easier for us as we did not worry about getting him dressed, changing pooey nappies, we did not worry about get his food all splattered over ourselves, we did not need to carry baby wipes around or anything.

Milo sat with his cousins on a child table for the wedding (which they all loved) and Oscar sat with family and the lady from his nursery. It was really handy as well as when he needed a nap, she took him back to the room (hotel was on site) and laid him down which allowed everyone to still enjoy themselves whilst Oscar napped.

I know everyone knew Oscar at the wedding, but I wanted someone to have full responsibility for him for that day so all of the guests could enjoy themselves.  It really put our minds at ease and we would for sure recommend booking a babysitter if you are planning on getting married.

Very short and simple blog but I felt it was something I wanted to get across to you all.





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