Update: Educating Mummy

So I looked back at my last blog. I posted it 2 months ago. I was gobsmacked to be honest. I have had a break, so I thought I would give ya all a little update.


I am finishing my ten week placement to complete my PGCE. Truth be told, I don’t want to do teaching as yet but I know I should finish it incase I change my mind. I actually applied for social working at the same time I applied for my PGCE and was declined. I still really want to do social working but I applied again and got declined again. Super stressful!  Trying to keep my options open, Ive applied for studentships too and have been declined. It is super disheartening because when you apply to studentships and phds you have to write a 5000 word proposal. It is not easy. Ill have to keep applying and I’ll let you all know.

Christmas presents

I have made a decision this year to cut right back on christmas presents. I usually do go mad for all of my family. This year I have decided to cut right back and only buy for a few. I am however going to donate new toys to children that are in care and need them way more than any of the children in my family.


Oscar has been in high demand  and Milo not as much. Oscar has been shooting quite a lot which is great but I am finding myself hiding it from Milo because I don’t want him to think he is getting less jobs. If anyone has any questions about modelling, hit me up. I am always happy to help.

Mixed race Campaign

I started to shoot my campaign in September and I have been loving meeting all of your families and children. I feel very fortunate to be able to do it as well. I wanted to actually do my event in November but I wanted to shoot more children. With going back to study for ten weeks I have told myself that I will finishing shooting in the new year. I do not want to do a campaign half heatedly. If you know me you know I want everything looking fleeky. It is still going ahead and I am super excited about it all.

Instagram Work

If you have been following me, you will have seen that I have been working with a few brands recently. I would really appreciate all your support and love on these posts as it can impact whether I work with that brand again or not to be honest. Likes cost nothing 🙂

Natural makeup

I for so long have hated my face with no makeup. But since looking at beautiful natural women on Instagram (Niathelight) is one of them it has made me feel more empowered and more accepting. My eye bags are normal, my freckles are natural, my veins are natural and so are my crows feet! I have really gone minimal with my makeup most days of the week and I am feeling great to be honest. I used to avoid eye contact with anyone if I had no eye makeup on but I am even going to teacher training with little make up on and I am owning it with my head high.


I have been struggling recently. It is that common question. What do you want from life? I want nothing but to be able to spend time with my family wherever it may be. We have recently been thinking about going travelling with the boys. We are not really sure how it would work. If I died soon I would have wished that we did it- travelling. The kids are only young once and although Milo is at school at the moment, education can occur outside of the classroom. We are not really sure how long we would want to go for. Not even sure if it will happen. But just a thought really… I don’t really want to work 5 days a week and spend two with the family. I would rather have less and spend more time with them.

House hunting

I know this kind of contradicts our urge to go travelling but we are house hunting. It is proving so much more stressful than expected. We need enough room for a music studio for M and it can be hard to find. We thought we found a house perfect for us but then kind of picked it to bits and now we don’t love it so back to looking.

I think that little update is plenty for now. I have written the next few blogs already. So I will be back to weekly blogs from now.

I will not apologise for the absence, I needed the break.

Lauren x



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