The Instagram Malarkey.

So after posting a picture with the caption ” I used to take selfies all of the time. Now when I take one I analyse and analyse it again and again, questioning myself if it is Instagram worthy (hence why there are few pictures of me on here). Should I post it? Is it the right time? Would I like it?”

I was amazed by the amount of messages saying that you do the same as me. I mean why are we, what I would like to call it ‘over thinking’. “It is just Instagram”, some people will say and these are the people who also have Instagram themselves. I think these are the people who like to play it cool but would always want to hit double digits on their posts and would be upset otherwise.

Lets face it, whether you have 100, 1000, 10000 or 100000 followers you are posting pictures to get likes right? And if the picture you thought was going to bang, doesn’t,  then how are you left feeling? Are you left thinking, oh the lighting wasn’t as good as it could of been, my eye looks a little bit wonky there, I have a fat tummy there, it was the wrong time, its the weekend, its the new fucking algorithm!!!.

We blame it on all factors and dwell on it. I mean if you really aren’t like that I truly envy you because I totally over think everything. However, I highly doubt that. If you are on Instagram you are more than likely on there to untimely feed your ego. You may not recognise it like that but when you get likes, maybe more likes and comments than you are used to ‘Gorgeous’ ‘You look stunning’ and ‘ He is beautiful‘. How do you feel and what do you think?

I predict that actually you feel rather happy and get quite gassed about it. But how long does that last? So then you post another picture to get the like buzz. Making sure the caption is decent, asking your friends and partners if the caption is relevant. Wondering if the caption has any highlighted words that will stop Instagram pushing your photo to the top of peoples feeds. You make sure your emoji game is down and then you hit that share button again.

Yet this time, the photo doesn’t bang like the last one did. You are left thinking oh was it too similar to the last post? Did I not time it right? Is Instagram punishing me for using the same hashtag for the 1000th time. You delete the hash tags and hope the likes will filter through. But they don’t and then you even consider deleting the photo.  You put your phone down and say right thats it ‘ I’m done with Instagram’, two minutes later you pick your phone back up and check Instagram again (20 more likes and 3  new followers). Oh some new likes and followers you think. Pulling down your feed to refresh over and over again.

You follow people you do not know because they are ‘buff’ or they look like they lead a fun lifestyle.  I wear makeup 2 out of 7 days so I look at some girls on the gram and think how the hell do you look like that all of the time?? You compare yourself to everyone else. They have a nice bottom, brows and lips. You debate getting your lips done too because you see everyone else with them. You look at how many followers they have and decide to press the follow button too.

You start to analyse everyone else. You notice that her lips, brows, or teeth have changed. You scroll through months of photos to get a comparison. You screen shot a photo from 2014, screen shot one from today and then send it to your friends. “What money can do” ” how can she deny she’s had any work?”. You follow a girl with an amazing body, you send it to your friend ‘”I can not eat before Marbella”. You may even put it as a thinspiration on your phone wallpaper!

I love blogging and Instagram is a good way to share everything with you guys. I love all of the comments and messages I get too. I love connecting with people who I may not usually connect with in every day life. I love meeting people in real life from Instagram. I love finding common ground with people. I love connecting with people all of the world. I love finding new home items from the GRAM. I love shopping from small shops that I have found too. I love showing people love. I love looking up recipes. I love looking at fashion on there. I love to keep up to date with new lines coming out at retailers.  See there is a lot of things I love about Instagram I just think there is also a dark and gloomy side to it too that is sometimes forgotten about.

The way I use Instagram changed around New year. I decided to stop snooping on peoples Instagram accounts and trying hard not to like a picture from seven months ago and instead following those people I snooped up on. Why was I fronting? If I like your account enough to type your user name in the search bar I should be following you. I will always comment on a photo if I love it. Even if people may think oh not that Lauren again lol. What is the point in being stush?! Honestly, I would recommend it! I love it so much more now. I used to stalk peoples accounts  (people that I follow) and like and comment on pictures I’ve missed (no shame).

I always try to reply to all of my messages. Whether it is liking them or actually commenting back. It really gets my back up when people don’t try to reach out to their followers. I have often commented or messaged people and had no reply. It does not take much to give your followers some love back. I know it can be time consuming but at the end of the day they wouldn’t be anything without their followers.

I think we are all guilty of some of the above! It is quite eye opening really . Putting everything onto one page, even though there will be heaps more I remember this evening. Is it good? It is bad? I’d like to say I have a love hate relationship with Instagram. I am trying to become more comfortable with posting pictures of me as well of the boys. You will see some more of them soon.

I’d love to hear from you all.

Lots Of love

Educating Mummy


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    • Seema
    • November 23, 2017

    I love this post. You sound just like me. It’s so crazy how little squares can consume our mindset!

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