The Big Feastival

Camping with a child? Have you done it? I know some of you are thinking no f**king way.

I mean before The Big Feastival we had never camped with Milo and the thought of it scared me. But I would definitely do it again. We have attended very booze infused, mainly adult festivals before so this one was very different for us.

The Big Feastival is a family oriented celebration that really does cater for both adults and children. There are heaps of rides, fancy dress, appearances from the tv (Justin from BBC and Dick and Dom were there), activities and shows that are all child focused.

There are silent discos late into the evening, and amazing music performances from acts such as Madness and the Cuban brothers where both children and family are welcome.

As the festival is hosted by Jamie Oliver and Alex James you can imagine that the food options were amazing. For us this is one of the most important things to staying away from home. Also, there was heaps of options for Milo even though he is gluten intolerant. This was a massive weight lifted off of our shoulders as prior to arriving we had been informed that only two stalls catered for gluten free diets. We packed heaps of snacks, savoury and sweet but we didn’t need as many as we anticipated. Milo’s favourite was the paella. There are a lot of bars that specialise in particular brands which was quite pleasant too.

Trying to teach Milo the rules of camping was slightly tricky to begin with. Shoes off before entering the tent, no touching the sides of the walls of the tent and so on but he got the hang of it soon enough. Milo has been sleep walking a lot recently so I shared a bed with him (blog to come soon).

If you are thinking of taking you little ones camping I think these tips might help. Some of these I took from observing others at the campsite

  • Take a lot of snacks (kids are always hungry right)
  • Leave the toys and iPads at home, let them enjoy nature and it’s less to carry
  • Take a head torch so they don’t fall over the guide ropes
  • Glow sticks, just for fun and cheaper than buying them on site.
  • Balloons that light up so you can spot your tent from a mile away
  • Give the kids their own bumbag for their hand stanitizer and a copy of your phone number incase they get lost
  • Take a potty and lots of baby wipes
  • Take a paddling pool to wash in
  • Hire one of the trolleys or bring your own so the kids can sleep whilst you enjoy the shows
  • Bring Glitter!!

I’ve had a few messages asking where Oscar has been. We was given press passes for all four of us but we decided to leave Oscar with his Grandma and spend some much needed quality time with Milo. With the arrival of Oscar, our quality time with Milo has been rather scarce so it was lovely having some one on one time with him. Next year we aim to take Oscar and Milo to a festival. It may just be that we go back to The Big Feastival as it was AWESOME. Although, if you have any recommendations of family festivals I’d love to hear them!!

Lots of Love

Educating Mummy


P.S I will be posting a video soon of our weekend so subscribe (link on home page) and it will be up soon xx

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    • Huglori
    • August 28, 2017

    It sounds like you had a fabulous time. I’m glad you were able to spend such quality time with Milo.

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