The Big Feastival!

Yet again,we were blown away with The Big Feastival. Milo, Oscar, Miles and I all attended this year and it was just as fun as the previous years.

The entire festival is focused around food of which is crucial for us. If we visit anywhere the food needs to be decent as we are total foodies!

We stayed in a tent and the boys absolutely loved it. It rained a little on the last day but it was nothing that would ruin a trip.

The organisers of the festival really have thought about everything and this just makes it so much easier for us parents to actually relax and enjoy the trip.

Of course there are going to be festival items that I could not live without. I thought I would list a few for you.

 Potty– This is literally crucial especially if you have a toddler who has recently been potty training. If they need a loo as soon as they wake up or during the night running to the loo is too much hard work and no one wants wee on the doorstep.

Snack Bags- We did this for Camp Bestival and we did it again for The Big Feastival. We saved so much money and again it can be difficult finding snacks instead of meals whilst at the festivals.

Rain Macs- Get yourself down to the pound shop or Asda and grab a few macs each. I say a few incase yours rip like ours did. They do not need to be the most fashionable thing going. They are easier to carry than a proper rain coat and are just as good at keeping you dry!

Money- The queues can get very annoying and if you are with children then you will know that queuing with kids is not an easy task.

If you are yet to venture to a festival with the kids, the thing I would say is just to go and embrace it. You will never know if its for you if you do not try!

Watch our Youtube Video here!


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