Ten delay tactics for bedtime!

I have always been incredibly lucky with Milo and his sleep routines. From a baby he was sleeping from 7-7 most nights. Even now he goes to bed so well and is so excited that because he is now in year one his new bed time is 6:45. Nevertheless, on some occasions over the years, Milo has appeared 20 minutes later out of his bedroom with numerous excuses of why he is not asleep yet!

  1. I feel sick Mummy (with a grin on his face)
  2. I am hungry (I am not sympathetic, wait for breakfast)
  3. I am thirsty (ok I will leave a bottle of water by your bed)
  4. I wanted to give you a kiss (even though we had 100 kisses when I tucked him in)
  5. I’ve had a nightmare (jokes aside Milo does sometimes suffer with nightmares, but 10 mins after going to bed Milo? Really?)
  6. I didn’t say goodnight to Oscar (too late)
  7. You promised me I could have a biscuit (well you can’t have it now babes)
  8. I need a poo (Milo knows this pulls on my heart strings with all his tummy issues)
  9. I remember what I did at school now (very convenient, I asked you ten times since you’ve been home and now you remember)
  10. I fell out of bed Mum ( what into my bedroom?)

To be honest I don’t mind if Milo reappears every so often. Sometimes I feel he genuinely just wants a chat of which I love but he does pick his moments. I remember when I was younger and I made up the most awful excuses just to go downstairs to see what was going on.

Milo can not be the only child like this surely, any excuses I’ve missed out that your little ones try?

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