Summer Holiday fun.

This is Milo’s first seven week summer holidays as previously he was at nursery all year. I am so happy that I am on maternity leave so I get to spend it with him. Everyone keeps asking me how I am coping with Milo and Oscar at home all day but I honestly think it is much easier than when Milo is at school as there are no time constraints. To ensure my day runs smoothly, I make sure that everything is prepared the night before, so for example that Oscars baby bag is packed and Milo’s pack lunch is made. Milo has been off of school for around three weeks now and we have been to so many parks. The weather has been awesome, so why not take advantage of cheap and fun days out. Also, I love to keep Milo as active as possible. The government recommends that children should run around for at least an hour a day but I make sure Milo is running around for longer to keep him fit and healthy.

I am sure everyone can understand how expensive our little bundles of joy are and summer holidays is the time that your pocket can become a little wilted. It is very easy to fall into the trap of getting overwhelmed and excited about the summer holidays and to blow the budget straight away. Milo and I have discussed that we can do two things a week such as cinema, ball parks and so on and Milo is more than happy about that. I am extremely lucky as my Mum has offered to have Oscar once a week for me while I take Milo out for some quality time. I took Milo to see the Big Friendly Giant and I would highly recommend it! He absolutely loved it and claimed it was the best film he has ever seen.

As I have mentioned Milo, Oscar and I have visited numerous parks over the summer holidays but if you have any favourites I’d be keen to know to try some new ones. The weather has been great and thankfully Milo is keen to be outside playing. We normally take a packed lunch, as I like to regulate what Milo is eating and also it is much more affordable although we still purchase drinks and maybe a cheeky ice-cream throughout the day. Packed lunches are a handy way of conserving your money over the summer holidays, especially if you go to the park every day. Everyone knows how much of a foodie I am but I think it is important to teach your children that you can not eat out all the time. Milo has become so accustomed to eating out on a regular basis and this needs to change, hence the packed lunches.

There is so much available for children to do now in the summer holidays they are so lucky. Time Out has made a list of things to do over the summer holidays, the Odeon have a children’s club in the mornings for much more affordable prices and if you like sweets at the cinema Wilko offer half price sweets throughout the holidays. Do not overlook educational and fun day trips, like the museums, art galleries, zoos and farms . You might be surprised how much your children enjoy them!

Next week we are off to Somerset for the week with my brother and his children. We normally go abroad and on a UK holiday but this year as Oscar is so little we have decided to stay in England all summer. If you have any recommendations for children in the summer holidays I’d love to know.

Until next time, Lauren xxxx

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