The story behind perfect looking photos.

Taking pictures of Oscar is somewhat of a challenge as he is now moving around and I can not bribe him like I can with Milo. It was so much easier to take pictures of him when he was younger as he was easily amused by my silly faces and embarrassing sounds. As requested, below are some tips that I regularly do/use in order to get nice pictures of Oscar. When I take pictures of Milo, it is so much easier as he is old enough to listen. There are so many factors to consider when taking pictures of babies which can be quite time consuming. Have a read.

  1.  Timing- I have learned quickly that taking pictures with a baby who is due for a nap or a feed is a complete no go. I always try to take pictures of Oscar after his morning nap as this is when he is very happy. Of course, there are times when Oscar does not want to work with me even though he is fed and well napped, these are the times that I have to respect that and just put the camera down.

  1. Lighting- There will be certain times in the day when there is amazing lighting in different rooms of the house which I try to embrace. I do not have any fancy lights so I rely solely on natural light. However, the only down fall with this, is when it is stormy  or dull outside that reflects on the photos. Also, it means that there are only certain time intervals that I am able to take pictures. Try to work out the perfect times for your homes too! Of course this is only in regards to pictures that you want opposed to catching the spontaneous actions of the babies.

  1. Distraction props- In order to get Oscar to look in the correct direction I always try to use props. I always try to use props that are things that Oscar does not usually play with in order to keep Oscar interested and engaged (for example a plastic cup or his hairbrush). Although sometimes he  just wants to eat them lol.

  1. An assistant- It is so much easier when I have someone to help to divert Oscars attention. Also, they are handy when you want to use a reflector which by the way I need a lot of practice with.

  1. Patience- Having patience when taking pictures of the children is essential! Children will not always look where you want them to look even when you are using props and assistants. Children and especially babies do not know that they want you to sit in a particular position so you just have to wait sometimes. If you are looking for a particular shot, do not get disheartened if it does not materialise quicker than you thought.

  1. My Camera- I use the Fujifilm xt10 which I absolutely love. The size is perfect for carrying it around everywhere and one of the lens’ that I have is amazing. The pictures I get from Fujifilm f2 35mm lens allows me to focus on one area at a time whilst making the rest of the photo slightly blurry.

  1. Props for Photos- As you are probably all aware I love an event. Whether it be valentines, Christmas or Mothers day, I love to dress the area (and the kids) of where I will take the photos with balloons, confetti and teddies. There are many events I have already thought about for this year coming up and I am so excited!!

  1. Be creative- I do not have a studio. But that does not mean I can not get clean looking photos. I will often use normal bits of furniture in order to get nice pictures. So far I have used, my bed, cot, changing station, desk, storage units, storage boxes, IKEA stool and so on. Pictures may look so amazing on instagram and social networking but I can assure you that the rest of the room is not as perfect as the picture. Sometimes pictures look effortless but actually they are far from. If you want a lovely picture it may need a lot of preparation work, so be prepared .

  1. Editing apps- I love VSCO which is a filter app. I abide by this app religiously. There are so many filters and they are a lot more desirable opposed to other apps. I never use the Instagram filters because there are not many to choose from. VSCO have dozens, some are free but some you need to pay for. Worth the money.

  1. Do not get embarrassed- If you are taking pictures outside of your abode try not to worry about people around you. I know it is easy to say but honestly does it really matter what other people think? After all when will you see them next?

Get snapping and do not forget to print them!

I print 50 photos every month for free from Snapfish!

Lots of Love




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    • Ariel
    • February 27, 2017

    Beautiful ???

    • T
    • March 6, 2017

    Your children are absolutely beautiful!

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