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Sleeping walking AKA somnambulism. It is suggested that approximately 20% of children would of sleepwalked in their lives. Children usually grow out of it before they hit puberty but it can continue into adulthood.

So a year or so ago, Milo began to wake up in the night time. He didn’t cry or want to be cuddled but he would find himself in the bedroom and want to be taken back to his bed. For a while I thoughtMilo being woken up by dreams or maybe because he needed the loo.

It wasn’t until this year when I realised actually Milo was sleep walking. I mean it may seem silly that we didn’t notice it any sooner but when you are half asleep yourself sometimes you don’t assess the situation properly.

The reason we began to realise was that Milo started to appear from his room, sleep walking earlier into the evening. Once evening after doing the daily washing up routine, we came up to Milo sitting still facing the window. When we came up the stairs Milo did not move. I am not joking, it was so scary.

I am a right chicken when it comes to scary movies ect but I can tell you that the sleep walking persona is very scary movie vibes. On this particular time, Milo was asked if he Ok and he slowly looked around and said yes, whilst staring straight through me.

Another prominent memory is when Milo came downstairs to the kitchen. He went straight over to the bin to try to use it like a toilet. Of course I directed him to the loo and he walked straight back to bed.

Sometimes, it is so hard to believe that he is asleep as he is able to do everything perfectly well. When Milo sleep walks his eyes are open so he looks like he is awake. Apart from a recent event when Milo came into the bedroom during the night. He was taken back to bed however, his actions and whole persona seemed quite odd. He was walking around with his eyes closed. Well, it so happens that that time Milo was pretending to be sleep walking LOL!

We have had to ensure that all windows are locked, especially in Milo’s room as he is at the top of the house. The front doors are locked. The oven is off at the mains, kettles are pulled out etc. The list goes on really. Oscar still has a sensor monitor in his room incase Milo goes into Oscar’s room whilst we are asleep and tries to pick him up. The only thing we have not done, is put a stair gate at his door. A lot of people recommend it but I think it is quite pointless because Milo is able to do everything when he is sleep walking.

We have not seeked medical advice yet as we do not deem it to be putting Milo at risk. I already talk in my sleep so it definitely runs in my blood. It can be tiring when your little one sleep walks. Not because putting them back to bed is difficult it is more because it is having the broken sleep. We are hoping he grows out of it.

If you have any children that have or currently sleep walk. Get in touch!!!

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