Should children’s clothes be gendered?

When you go shopping for your children where do you head straight to? If you have daughters, do you head straight to the girls section? If you have sons, do you head straight to the boys section?

I know that I usually head straight to the boys section. I have been conditioned by society that boys should wear blue, black and grey items and girls should wear pink, yellow and floral clothes. Have you been too?

Why do we have boys and girls sections? Why is it more out of the ordinary for boys to wear pink and for girls to wear black? I know of a few people who have little girls and who have struggled to find clothing that does not consist of floral prints, polka dots and minnie mouse. I have also witnessed Milo taking a liking to a few t shirts in the girls section but not wanting it because it is merely positioned in the girls section  I mean I always see t shirt in high street shops that have fruits such as pineapples and apples on that will often be branded either a girls or boys t shirt? I mean why is a t shirt with a piece of fruit on either a girls or boys t shirt?

Also, I quite often see clothing with animals on. Usually the bunny rabbits and cats items are in the girls section and the lion and dinosaur prints are in the  boys. All of which I am not saying I do not like. But why cant my son have rabbits or cats on his clothes? Can only girls like cute pretty cats?

Sometimes I shop online, look at boys sections, pick the items I like. Then I have a browse on the girls section and I find items that have dogs, unicorns and slogans all in the girls section that I find it difficult to understand why they are not in the boys section too.

Another thing that really irritates me is that I am forever looking for leggings for Oscar. In the baby boys section, there will be soft tracksuit bottoms and jeans that swamp babies. In the girls section, they have jeans, and leggings. Why can’t baby boys, or even toddlers wear leggings? What makes leggings too feminine for baby/toddler boys to wear?

I have resorted in going to the girls sections in order to purchase leggings now as quite frankly it is impossible to find them in the boys section. Having said this a lot of small brands are really cottoning on to unisex fashion. Shops such as Cribstar and COCO + Indie have a lot of outfits that I see both girls and boys wearing. I absolutely love this because quite honestly girls can wear green, boys can wear pink. It should not matter.

Should our shops even be divided into genders? Maybe it would be better if we just had a children’s section and the clothes were simply divided into, trousers, tops, jumpers and so on. That way we would not feel divided and feel that we are pushing boundaries when we decide to shop from the opposite sex that society does not want us to.

When shopping for your little ones, look at the opposite side. I guarantee you, you will find something you like.

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