Pyjamas can be fashionable!!

So with winter coming I have been on the hunt for pyjamas for both of the boys. Milo is now growing out of the bold, bright, character pyjamas and Oscar does not really have a say. Therefore, I have been on the look for some more fashionable pyjamas and actually it has been quite tricky.

I have been lucky enough to work with a few brands such as My 1st Years, River Island and Next. You guys know how much I love taking pictures so I took the opportunity to take some lovely pictures of both of the boys in their new jamas.

We have always loved My 1st Years designs for toys and dressing gowns. Both of the boys are wearing the pyjamas from the With Love from Binky new collection and they are so cute and extra soft. The blue pyjama set comes with light blue bottoms and a grey/blue top. Milo loves the fact that he is able to have his initials and name on his clothing. They are so stylish and really attractive. Having the ability to personalise with names and initials is perfect for gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Check them out HERE

I rarely match the children in clothes. What I mean by that is yes they usually match within colour schemes but they do not usually wear exactly the same thing. Having said that, I have matched them in the pyjamas from My 1st Years and also with these camouflage pyjamas from River Island. I did not originally think that River Island sold pyjamas but I am glad we came across these ones. Milo is adamant that these sets can be worn as outfits outside of the house. Milo loves the fact that his pjs have a hood and he said it is perfect for the cold weather coming up!! Another thing I like about these is that the camouflage is blue opposed to the traditional green camouflage. Have a look HERE for Oscar’s PJs and HERE for Milo’s.

As you know we shop in Next a lot and they do sell a lot of amazing pyjamas that match our criteria of not being ‘too kiddy’. The sizes are exactly true to size and some of the sets could actually be pulled off as outfits. A lot of the pjyamas are sold in sets of two or three. Some of Oscar’s pjs have prints of animals but they are still so subtle and I just love them! Click HERE to head straight to the pj page at Next.

Gone are the days where we have to put our children in the bold character pjs! Dont get me wrong, of course Milo has gone through the stage and I allowed him to. But now Milo is older he is less inclined to what those types of pjs and Oscar is not able to yet demand what he wants. So that is win win for me at the moment. I hope I have given you an insight into what is currently on the market for your toddlers and older children!!

Thank you to My 1st Years, River Island and Next for gifting me these items we absolutely love them!

Lots of Love

Educating Mummy


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