Pumpkin picking.

We went pumpkin picking last year for the first time and because we all enjoyed it so much we decided to go again, but this year with our new little addition, Oscar. Understandably I know a lot of people whom do not agree with celebrating Halloween. However, I attempt to make all types of holidays fun for Milo, I just take it as light hearted fun. Milo wore a skeleton tshirt (Sainsburys) to pumpkin pick to get ourselves into the halloween mood and Oscar wore a little subtle outfit from H&M.

PYO Pumpkins  is located in Hoo, Rochester, which takes around an hour to reach from London. The drive is definitely worth it, as Milo had so much fun and the pumpkins are so affordable. I know picking up a pumpkin from a supermarket is probably more convenient but I think it is nice to teach your little ones about where vegetables are grown and to also to have a day out. At PYO pumpkins you can also pick up sweetcorn, squash, onions and much more. There are so many kinds of pumpkins, orange ones, blue, pink, white, warty and each one  varied in size. Some were tiny and some were so large, so large that you would need to use a fork lift to carry some.

Last year it was incredibly muddy and we saw so many people getting stuck in the mud with their prams. So we ditched the pram and put Oscar into our baby carrier which I normally only wear for a short amount of time. However, today Oscar was in the carrier for around two hours and we were both comfortable, Oscar even fell asleep.

We are yet to carve our pumpkins, but Milo is excited to do so. We only picked four this year as we are not having a party this time around. Milo picked one especially for Oscar which is so cute, as he does not want to leave his little brother out. If you have any time over the half term, I would definitely recommend a visit as it is such fun.

Happy Halloween season <3

LTB xx


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