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When we pleasantly discovered we were expecting another baby, I begun the hunt for products that would make my life easier as I suffer from backache. As we have a very deep bath, I knew that bathing the new baby was going to be an issue. Of course there is the classic mini bathtub, but there is numerous issues with this. Firstly, the bath needs to be able to be stored somewhere, yep it can be left in the bath but then it is a nuisance putting it in, taking it out, getting a wet floor from the excess water, somebody slipping, which would probably be my five year old son. Secondly, as I have mentioned I suffer with backache, I would need to fill the bath up and then lift it into an appropriate place to bathe the baby and water is extra heavy so it would become problematic.

I have often heard the older generation stating that they bathed their children in the sink. Even when I was pregnant with Milo I often laughed at this concept, but now I have experienced bathing a little baby (Milo) it sounds perfect. Why not? A sink is at an ideal level to be able to support your baby and lets face it babies are only little, so they can fit perfectly. I began to search for products I could use in the sink and I stumbled upon foam flowers, foam pads and the Puj Tub.

I was immediately drawn to the Puj Tub for the modern design and the fact that it could be stored flat. I begun to troll the Internet for information, reviews and videos to decide whether this product would match my requirements. To my delight the product seemed perfect and I ordered the tub and have not regretted it since. This is what enticed me to review this product which may help other people establish whether the Puj Tub is perfect for them too!!


The style of the Puj Tub is very slimline and modern. We purchased the white Puj Tub in April 2016 so we have not got the newest model but it still looks very on trend.


Our Puj Tub was delivered flat and it was very easy to assemble; we reassemble it every time we bath Oscar as we store ours flat due to our bathroom being relatively small. It is probably not recommended but we store our one behind a towel radiator that is seldom on, as it had magnets on the Puj Tub it stays in tact. The four magnets along with indentations guide you into folding the Tub correctly. It is very very easy and it takes seconds honestly. There are three holes in the tub as it is not to be used as a soak bath. The water is released at a moderate pace so it means that Oscar is not left sitting in there with no water surrounding him.


The Puj Tub is very affordable and eleven weeks later seems to be such an ideal product for all parents. It is made of foam and is mold and mildew resistant and can fit into standard sized sinks. It is very sturdy and is in as good condition as it was when it arrived.


  • I love the fact that Milo can help with bath time as it is at a perfect level for him
  • The tub dries very quickly
  • It is very easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Storing this tub is very easy
  • Puj Tub cradles and supports your baby


  • I know the Puj Tub states that it can fit into most sinks but on a few occasions the bottom of the tub has opened when bathing Oscar (even as a newborn), it is not too problematic as we can still continue but I wonder if this is because of the shape of our sink.
  • If the water in your home does not regulate properly this product may not be ideal as the water needs to be running constantly.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product and I am hoping we get a few more months use of this before he gets too big. I have provided the Puj Tub links below for you to have a look at. If you are pregnant, or have a newborn baby do not hesitate. You will not regret it!



Puj Tub on Amazon

Puj Tub Official Website

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