How we prepared Milo for Oscar’s arrival.

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When we found out I was pregnant we did not tell Milo until we had our first scan. This was just in case anything happened during the early stages; we wanted to avoid Milo being upset. When we told Milo he was expecting a little brother/sister to be honest it was an anti-climax. He was excited but he wasn’t jumping up and down like I’d expected lol.

We tried to keep baby talk down to minimum around Milo as we did not want him to think the baby had taken over. To be honest, as I was in my third year at university I was really busy anyways so my life did not evolve around the baby. Having said that, there was one time we did mention the baby and he said, “everything is about the baby” even though we really hadn’t been speaking about the baby much.

In preparation for Oscar’s arrival, Milo was moved into the big boy bedroom next door to the nursery and his room was decorated and he got all new furniture. Then we focused on the nursery and had it decorated and carpeted. Once the nursery was sorted, Milo asked to go back into the nursery. I had to be firm and just reminded him that his new bedroom was the bigger room and more suitable for big boys. He said that the babies room was more fresh than his, so we ended up rearranging Milo’s room to make him feel like his room was just as lovely.

We verbally prepped Milo that although the baby was going to be younger than him, he may be going to bed later than him. This really helped us as when Oscar was younger, he was feeding more regularly so it meant quite often enough Milo was in bed before Oscar.

Another thing that Milo was surprised about and I am glad we prepped him about was that Oscar would stay in our room initially. At first, Milo was rather jealous as I guess in his head he may be missing out on something (even though he was only missing out on pooey nappies and feeding). When Oscar was born, Milo loved coming in every morning to see his little brother.

We decided to take People’s advice and allowed Milo to purchase a gift for Oscar. When he was born Milo gave it to him, it was a little fox from JoJo Maman Bebe. Little to Milo’s surprise Oscar also got Milo a present, a big boy two wheeler micro scooter. I think this was a really good idea as when a new baby arrives there are a lot of gifts for the baby.

We also discussed with Milo babies soft spots on their heads and that he needed to be careful. Also we discussed the fact that he must not pick Oscar up with out us being around and it is very important that he washes his hands before holding/touching Oscar.

We also asked all of my family and friends before Oscar arrived that when they came round to visit they would make a fuss of Milo before making a fuss of Oscar.  I am so grateful for my friends and family who came to visit me when Oscar was born as they all brought round sweets, colouring pens and toys for Milo.

I hope this has helped you in preparing with your next one. I will for sure do the same all over again with preparing Milo and Oscar when/if they next time comes.

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