After carrying for the second time, I realised that pregnancy is not a high point in my life. I have read so many articles and blogs that say pregnancy is the best time in some women’s lives but for me actually it was pretty annoying. I write that light heartedly because I understand I am so fortunate to be able to get pregnant and give birth to healthy children. I feel a sense of guilt for not enjoying my pregnancy for those women who are trying so hard to get pregnant and at the time I felt bad for Oscar.

What made me feel even worse was when people would say how many weeks left? and I would genuinely have to count in my head because quite frankly I was not keeping track. Maybe this was a second child thing or because I was studying to finish my final year at uni. Then usually the next question was ” Are you excited?”. I’d always say yeahhh but inside again I was thinking no, not really. I think I had my head focusing on studying, Oscar was due after my last dead line and that was when I would get excited. I found out I was pregnant very early on. When you find out really early on everyone expects it to drag for you but actually it was the complete opposite for me.

I was a very unsociable pregnant woman. I hated all the questions and everyone being nosey. Oh and not forgetting the oh your big and oh your small comments. I knew they would really annoy me so I always skipped on dinners and gatherings. And for the same reason I never posted pictures of my bump.  13 months later I have posted some pregnancy pictures below.

Whilst I sound like I was an absolute miserable cow during my pregnancy I was actually happy around my close family and close friends. My family made a fuss of me which is always an advantage of being pregnant. Of course there are limitations too! Such as needing the loo throughout the night, not being able to tie your shoe laces (get uggs or flip flops), not being able to see your lady area, feeling like a complete whale in the bedroom, the endless heartburn problem and suffering from constipation lol.

If we fall again, I wonder if I am going to be the same? Being pregnant whilst already having a child is so different in comparison to being pregnancy with your first. You can not nap whenever you want to. You have to cook dinner at appropriate times and you have to refrain from being as hormonal!

What are your experiences?

Lots of love

Educating Mummy


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