Potty training

Just a little blog to speak about our potty training experience with Oscar so far. Not to blow our own trumpet but is is going really well but to be honest it was not expected.

We started potty training at the beginning of June, two weeks after Oscar turned two. He started asking us to change his nappy really frequently so we gathered that it was bugging him. M and I both thought we would give the whole potty training a shot.

Whilst we were very excited for spending less money on nappies and also having less pinning down sessions to change Oscar’s  pooey bum we did not think it was going to be easy.

We tried to potty train Milo when he was around 2ish but only because people kind of made me feel like I should ” Is he clean yet?” “He is out of nappies right?” which made my heart pound because I had not even thought about it.

We gave it a shot with M but he really did not take well to it. So we popped his nappies back on, left it for a few months and tried again and he was clean within 4 days.

With Oscar it has taken longer. I have noted many times before that the boys are so different and this is one of the things that cements that. Miles and I stated that we would try Oscar with the potty for around a week initially and if he did not bode well with it we would do as we did with Milo and pop the nappies back on.

However, in the first few days he seemed to get it more than we anticipated. Of course he had a few accidents on the floor, in Milo’s bedroom, and generally around the house on our lovely grey carpet!  But because he seemed to get the concept we continued.

We purchased three potties, one for each floor of the house so he was never far away from one and this definitely helped! This meant that even if he did start to have a little accident we was never far from putting him on it mid flow.

The nursery helped us too but of course he could not walk around naked at nursery as he had been at home so it started to confuse him (the pants I mean). But then the nursery recommended just putting leggings on him and no pants so it didn’t feel as though he had a nappy on. This really helped and worked and I would definitely recommend it!!

I figured out that sometimes when I would ask Oscar if he needed a wee he would always say no and then sometimes he would wee on the floor. So I stopped asking and just put him on there of which he was fine with. Initially he needed a wee every 20 minutes or so. Only little dribbles but he did. We was giving him sticker rewards and it really worked. He was really happy every time he got a sticker and we put them on our fridge.

Now he goes around every hour or so and he expects nothing for it (reward wise). It has become normality. When it comes to the number two, for us there are signs he needs one. He doesn’t like to just go for the number two. But when he is passing smelly gas (TMI) and touching his bum area I know he needs one so I put him on the potty and read a story to him for him to relax and it really works.

I would for sure say that potty training is not easy. You have to be consistent. You need to listen to your child. If they aren’t ready, why push them? Also, I would say you will eventually learn your child’s patterns and they will too. Always be prepared for everything. Buy a lot of cleaning spray, you also may need nappy sacks again for the baby wipes that you use to wipe their bottom (if you don’t put them down the toilet like us)

It’s been around six weeks since we starter potty training Oscar and I am still conscious abut him wetting himself. But maybe I will be for a while. I can’t quite remember how long that feeling lingered for with Milo. We went on a two hour journey last weekend and he didn’t have accident during the whole day which we were thrilled about.

We take our travel potty around with us everywhere just incase we cant find a toilet and it has been such a life saver! You do not need a bag and it is completely sealable. We have used it everywhere!

You can purchase it here

Oscar is still wearing nappies in the night and during nap times. Quite often after nap times his nappy is dry and he asks for the potty immediately. In the mornings it is sometimes dry and sometimes not. I am not going to try the bed time nappy yet though.

Thanks to all of you who gave me advice at the beginning of our journey. I am very grateful. If you need any help DM me!!


LTB xx






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