Pizza Making Parties

Milo and I were invited to take part in a pizza making party at the newly revamped Pizza Express White City. The design of the new store has an exciting new colour scheme, new booth seating and modern flooring and lighting whilst incorporating artwork from olympics that was held at White City.

 Milo was thrilled to be invited to a Pizza Making party as he just loves pizza. As you know Milo has been on a gluten free diet for over two months now and he was thrilled that he was still able to attend and join in on the fun of tossing the dough and picking his own mother watering toppings.

The party lasted around 3 hours and Milo and I were entertained for the entire time with, prosecco, dough balls, colouring in, kneading the dough, socialising and lots of laughs.

Pizza making parties can be booked here for both children, adults and even school bookings. Milo throughly enjoyed himself  and it was something different for us to do. I would definitely do this type of activity with my friends or family as I am a total foodie! Milo had so much fun that he keeps asking when we are going again!

Lots Of Love

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