Penalised for being a parent

Have you ever felt that you was being penalised for being a parent and doing your parent duties. Whether you are a Mum or Dad, have you ever felt bad about calling in sick to work or in my case to university for skipping a day or so to care for your little one?

This is something I am facing already even though I have been at university for less than two months. Oscar has been poorly and unable to attend nursery and we have been taking it in turns to have days off to tend to him. Usually Mum is able to have Oscar or Milo if they are poorly but with Mum recently being diagnosed with cancer she is not able to. I have made all the relevant people aware of the situation.

I have been keeping up with notes and any lessons I have missed but I am almost having to justify how sick Oscar has actually been. I have been told ” This isn’t going to work for this course”.

Is that fair? Is the world fair? Does it have to be fair?

Another thing is being marked late or with bad punctuality because I am getting into the lecture at 9:10 instead of 9am. I understand that punctuality is important but I think as an educational setting there should some degree of inclusiveness.

I am not saying I expect the timetable to be changed to 9:30 instead of 9 but perhaps some leeway on lateness would be appreciated. I leave my house at 7:30 to drop Oscar to nursery for 8am and travel straight to university for the day ahead. I am doing my upmost to get there on time but with living in London traffic is usually high at that time in the morning. I almost feel like there is no understanding for actually what I and also some other parents are doing before we even get to university.

This course is intense but I am lucky enough to have studied education studies for my undergrad so a lot of the content is familiar so I am revisiting subjects opposed to learning new knowledge. I know I am capable of doing this, but with a little more support from the educational setting would be amazing.

I am a stubborn and determined person and the “this isn’t going to work for this course” comment is driving me even more to say Fuck you. I will do this with your help or not!┬áIt is just eye-opening that this is a glimpse of what I have to come when I begin working. I do not think I should be made to feel that I am picking studying or working over looking after my sick child!

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