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Gender neutral lifestyle?

7 months ago

Gender neutral language, is there such a thing? Speaking to my Dad about topics such as this he thinks are nonsense and absolutely silly to even speak about. But, I am super passionate about gender neutral everything as you may know. But what is gender? Before we get into it some people believe quite simply […]


Who calls in sick?

7 months ago

It is coming to that time of year, whereby many of our children are getting either the sickness bug or a rotten cold and high temperature. Of course this means that children aren’t able to go into school and nurseries which can create great friction within households. And it really gets me thinking about who […]


Court Case

7 months ago

After it all came out, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders in one aspect but then I had another weight on them and that was everyone knowing. It was not kept a secret between me and my close family members as the man was involved within out entire family. He […]