I do not like swearing around my children

It is funny because before I had children I used to swear during a sentence on a regular basis even if the swear words did not add any emphasis to the sentence. It was more just in my vocabulary opposed to adding oomph to the sentence. Of course there was times when I really meant the swear word. Like when I burnt my toast ‘Oh for f*** sake’ or when someone cut me up on the road but more often than not it was just because I was normalised to it. My parents have always sworn around me and that was the way it was.

When Milo was born, I quickly changed and I did not swear in in front of Milo and I did not want anyone else to. There have of course been a few times that I have slipped up like when I am driving with the kids in the car, or when I drop something . But I really do punish myself with guilt after.

Whilst being at work, around my family or at university, I do not notice how much people swear until they are around my children. Milo is now six and he has heard a fare few swear words in his time. My dad, has a very bad tongue and I am always saying ‘ Dad, can you not say that please’ or ‘Dad, that is  inappropriate’. Milo knows that certain words are ‘adult’ words and that he should never repeat them. however, that is not the point. I cringe when people swear in front on my children and especially Milo. Milo is learning by example and if he heard everyone swearing around him why should he not do the same? Of course accidents happen but sometimes it is just about being considerate about other peoples wishes.

Understandably, people with out children or those who have children and choose to swear in front of them do not have to respect my wishes but I personally think this language should not be used in front of mine.   Parents and older family members are not the only ones who teach their children swear words, I know . I am the youngest in my family so I used to always hear my older sibling swearing so I also picked it up from them too. Older siblings always think it is so funny to get the little ones saying naughty words as to be honest initally the younger siblings do not always understand.

Some family members say that its me wrapping them up in cottonwool but the last thing I want is Milo being that child in the class that knows all of the swear words and moreover, children should be able to express himself without using those words.

Do you agree?

Lots of Love,

Educating Mummy


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