North Cross Road Market

North Cross Road Market is situated in East Dulwich in South London on Saturdays from 11am-5pm. This hidden Gem is not one of the biggest markets I have visited but that is one of the things I love about it. Although the hustle and bustle can add to the atmosphere of a market, when you are with your children, crowds of people can be a daunting and stressful experience. This small road market consists of around twenty stalls and is also surrounded by a variety of shops and cafes. This is another thing I favour about this market; toilets are never too far away for Milo. There are a various stalls that sell homemade jewellery, flowers and plants, clothing, books and furniture but the food is definitely the main attraction to this market (for us).

As a family, we love to go North Cross Road market on Saturday for lunch especially when it is sunny. The range of food is incredible so you will most certainly find something you like. I am such a foodie even though I can be quite fussy at times so the variety of cuisines is an advantage for me. The fresh coffee stall is the first protocol (for Miles) and they also sell refreshing fresh juices in the warmer months of the year, which are reasonably priced too and very thirst quenching, my favourite is the carrot, apple and ginger juice. Milo’s favourite food stall is the mouth watering hog roast that is served in a ciabatta with optional salad and apple sauce accompanied with a side of crackling, I think the best bit is the crackling but Milo is not as keen. Despite Milo’s love for the hog roast, yesterday Milo ventured out for the first time and tried the 100% kosher beef hotdog in a homemade bun from the Dogfather Diner. The Dogfather Diner have been given inviting exposure via The Independent and the Evening Standard so Milo must not be the only person to think it was the best hotdog he has ever tasted.

Even though I enjoy the hog roast too, when I was pregnant I stopped eating meat so I begun to venture out to try new options. I discovered the tasty halloumi and salad Greek wrap at the Souvlaki street stall that I would highly recommend, they also sell pork and chicken wraps but I am yet to try those. The Souvalaki stall is always busy and has recently been featured in the Timeout. Some stalls have their own little seating areas for customers but as we normally pick different foods we like sitting outside the Palmerston Pub to eat, as do a lot of people (we purchase a drink of course). Lastly, before we leave the market we normally purchase the best popcorn we have ever tasted!! Drum and Kennel sell freshly made sweet and salt popcorn by the bag that tastes absolutely divine. If you don’t believe me you can try before you buy!

If you have not ventured down to the market yet, I would definitely recommend giving it a try, as mentioned prior, it is not massive but it is in a desirable location and is full to the brim with yummy food, what else would you want?









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