If you follow me on Instagram, you may of noticed that I went to Mykonos over the weekend. It was in celebration of one of my best friends hen parities, or as the people said on the island- bachelororette party!

The choice of hen destination was a complete surprise to Ash (the hen). She allowed us, the bridesmaids to arrange the entire trip for her. I know she was relaxed about giving us the power but I also knew she had high expectations. We had to make it special.

We picked the destination, Mykonos together. There was no where else we really wanted to take Ash. We booked the hotel- Princess Mykonos and our flights and then we hit a hurdle.

After many emails, that were ignored from club owners, restaurants and bars the hotel informed us that the majority of the places we wanted to visit opened the week after we would be leaving!

I know how much Ash liked my hen do when we went to Marbella and attended a few beach parties, that were our high lights. After hearing the news from the hotel I was very worried! I also knew that Ash likes to actually do things when she goes away and does not dig a completely sunbathing holiday so we got our search on.

This was the itinerary we arranged for our trip!

We headed to Nammos which was a lovely beach side setting restaurant. Most places in Mykonos you need to get taxis to as most places are dotted around the island. I know you can go to Nammos in the day to hang out as well. The food was delicious and the cocktails was yummy too!!

The day after, we headed out on a private catamaran. The service on the boat was impeccable and I would for sure recommend the boat trip myself. I was a shame that the water was a little choppy and it was windy at times but it was for sure an amazing day. Not only did we get to see different parts of the island on the boat, we was also cooked the most amazing lunch and dinner!

We tried to do things we had not collectively experienced and would not usually do whilst together in the UK. We headed to Rocabella hotel to do some wine tasting. Whilst most of the girls discovered some new wines they liked I could only conclude that actually the only wine I will be drinking is Gallo white wine mascoto.

We continued our day and headed to the Tropicana beach club which was so much fun! It really starts to kick off at about 5pm which is quite different to places I have been to before (Marbella and IBIZA). We partied hard that day, danced on the tables and got sore dancing feet. We continued the fun and ventured to Little Venice to dance into the night (followed by a chocolate crepe afterwards).

We didn’t get much time to do much sunbathing but when we did we usually hung out in Rocabella hotel as it was right next door to us and the pool was bigger than Princess Mykonos.

Little Venice is a beautiful places. It is set right on the sea front and resultants are right on the banks too! It is a must see during the day as everything is just so picturesque, you definitely need your camera if you head over to here.

I would for sure go to Mykonos again and I would recommend Princess Mykonos as a place you could stay. Mykonos is perfect for girls holidays, couple holidays, honeymoons, family holidays and for sure picture taking holidays.

Watch our Mykonos Vlog now!

Love Lauren


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