My necessities for swimming.

  1. A pound coin, because the swimming bars are worried that you might steal their locker =| (I rarely carry change)
  2. Flip flops- I always wear flip flops come rain or shine so I do not need to worry about wet socks (I hate wet socks)
  3. Talc powder- to ensure that Oscar is not left tacky before I pop his clothes on and just as important for myself!
  4. Toys- I always try to give Oscar toys to comfort him
  5. Swimming nappies- for obvious reasons.
  6. Spare clothes for the baby- in case you accidentally drop their original outfit on the floor (I always dress Oscar in leggings/tights so I do not need to worry about socks and shoes)
  7. Milk/Food- if you formula feed or have weaned your babies already, they are so hungry after swimming. Oscar can not wait until I drive home before feeding him.
  8. Nappy sacks- I always put our wet costumes in these
  9. A long strapped handbag opposed to a shorter shoulder one as you have so much to carry!
  10. Cream/oil- for your babies skin, we all know how drying the water can be.

If I have missed anything else out, let me know. It might make my experience easier.

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