My favourite baby products!

Children are expensive but they are definitely worth every penny. I have made a list of my ten up most necessities. Second time around I did not buy everything that I did with Milo, but I did purchase new things that were not for sale when Milo was born. I was going to try to rank these items but I found it impossible. They are all just as important as each other to me!

  • Angel Care monitor- Technology has progressed so much since Milo was born, and the sensor pads with monitors have become the norm. I am so pleased I purchased this product because I rely on it greatly. It tells me the temperature, his movements and of course lets me listen to him. This has been incredibly useful on these hot summer nights. Our room was far too hot for Oscar and he kept crying so we had to put him into his own room at nine weeks old as it is much cooler in there. I am so sad he is out of my room already but this monitor gives me such peace of mind.
  • Baby Bjorn Carrier- Never did I imagine that I would be a Mum who would carry their children strapped to their body. But oh my, Oscar loves it and so do I. Milo’s school is perched on the top of a very steep hill and it is far much easier carrying Oscar in the carrier opposed to pushing a pram. I also love the carrier because I have my hands free. So when it has rained on the school run Ive been able to use a umbrella at the same time as carrying Oscar. We chose the Baby Bjorn carrier one because of the strap that supports the lower back and also that it is accredited by the hip dysplasia institute and pediatricians worked closely with the development of this carrier which is very important to us both.

  • Cot top changer -We decided to purchase a cot top changer for Oscar opposed to a free standing cabinet as it is less space consuming and easier to put away when we are finished with it. I love using the changing station after bath times because it is so easy to engage with Oscar and also very comfortable. Additionally, I love the fact that everything is always set up (nappies, cream, powder ect), whereas when Milo was a baby I needed to ensure everything was on my bed before bath time.

  • Maxi cosi base-  This is amazing, you do not need to do any belting up when you put the car seat into the car. It also makes the car seat feel very secure. Another bonus about this product is that when Oscar moves into the front facing car seat we can use the base with it too.
  • Nursing pillow-  When I was breastfeeding this was amazing as it allowed me to to relax during feeding times and also made it able for Oscar to lay in different positions.Oscar is now three months old and I still use it for Oscar to be propped up in. We purchased this from Jojo Maman Bebe as we wanted a white a grey one to match our decor but you can purchase them from many stores.

  • Nappy bin– This is an absolute life saver. As we all know babies need their nappies changed a lot, so it can become a nuisance taking soiled nappies to the outside bin especially if you are home alone. The angel care nappy disposal bin can hold around twenty nappies at one time and averagely we use one refill every month. It does not release any smell and it is extremely easy to use and refill.
  • Play mats- These are definitely advised because we all know how precious our newborns are that they can not lay on carpet. We have three of these, just purely because we live in a three storey house so we leave one on each floor. We have an extremely soft bunny mat that we purchased for Oscar a day after he was born from Jojo Maman Bebe, that he still uses three months on.  One that our friends kindly purchased for us that is very colourful and has a nursery rhyme lion with it, this is his favourite and quite often falls asleep on it. Lastly, we also purchased a sensory mat that when he kicks the pads the mat changes colours and sounds. He has just begun to really interact with this mat and I am thrilled that we purchased it from Mamas and Papas.

  • Pram- When Milo was born we purchased the beautiful Stokke pram in Khaki. We have kept the Stokke for Oscar after giving it a wash but we use this for mainly walking. We also decided to purchase the Yoyo Babyzen pram that is one of the smallest folding prams at the moment to keep in the boot of the car. This pram is magical and a complete life changer. Although I openly admit I prefer the look of the Stokke, the Yoyo Babyzen wins for practicality. Oscar is still in the carry cot stage and I can get Oscar into the car and fold the pram up in seconds. It is so light and is incredibly easy to steer. I am forever recommending this pram and often have people asking me about it as it is quite new.

  • Puj- Tub– The Puj Tub is fantastic, we love it dearly as I have mentioned in my Puj Tub review. Three months later and I am still using it. I love the fact that you can transport it so easily. We went to Somerset a few weeks ago and we took it with us as there was only a shower in our accommodation. Another reason why I love it so much, is that it is at a perfect level for engaging with Oscar which also means Milo can get involved too!!

  • Sleepyhead –  When Oscar was first born he did not like to sleep on his back. He had suspected acid reflux and he could not place his arms down without jolting his whole body that woke him up. I had read so many excellent reviews about the Sleepyhead prior to giving birth and when Oscar began to have difficulty remaining asleep, we decided to purchase the sleepyhead three weeks into Oscars life. Some people may say this product is quite costly but I hold no regrets. Well actually, the only regret I have is not purchasing it prior!

All of the items I have included make my life so much easier and lets face it as parents we need to be prepared for an easier enjoyable journey.

Until next time

LTB xx



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    • Munuse
    • October 7, 2016

    Thank you for listing your top baby products, this makes it easier for me to figure out what to buy my pregnant friend!
    p.s. your an amazing mummy

    • Asma
    • November 14, 2016

    Just came across your blog interesting to read as ive just had my first baby and realised i recognise you from school!

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