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So if you have been following my journey so far you will know that I handed in my undergraduate dissertation about a week or so before I gave birth to Oscar. I had the summer off (5 months) and I headed back to university to complete my Psychology Masters. I have finished all my modules but I am due to hand in my dissertation in October 2017.

My long term career goal is to become an Educational Psychologist. For anyone that is unsure what this is. Some of my responsibilities will be:

  • Assessing learning and emotional needs of children by using non invasive observational skills.
  • Composing behaviour programmes that can be used in a school and home environment.
  • Working with multi agency teams to establish what each child needs help with in order to succeed as much as possible academically and later into life
  • Ensuring to remember that the social needs of each child will be very different and being able to support each child and parent at all times.
  • Helping to diagnose learning difficulties and how to implement any interventions that may benefit the child and the teacher.

Of course the responsibility list is endless of which I am very excited about. This academic year (September 2017) I will be beginning my Primary PGCE. In order to become an Educational Psychologist you need complete a Doctorate degree and to be accepted onto the doctorate you need to have a Masters that is accredited by the British Psychological Society as well experience working closely with children. Hence why I am about to embark on a very intense journey in becoming a teacher.

I am very very nervous but I am thrilled to let you all know I passed my skills tests that I needed to complete before being able to start my PGCE! Our home life is about to change for a whole year. I know a lot of friends who have completed their training year and have said it is the hardest year ever.

I am ready for the challenge it is just I hope the kids can cope. Oscar starts nursery next month, all swimming lesson days are changing, after school clubs are being implemented and all family and friends are being roped in to help (with you I couldn’t do it). Sometimes I feel bad on the children about going to university but other times I understand that I need to fulfil my goals too. I love my children but nurturing them are not my only goals. They are my priority but I want to have something for myself when they grow up and get their own lives.

Thank you so much to everyone who has given me support so far in my educational journey. I am so happy I completed  my access course way back in 2012 when my educational journey started. I still have a few more years left studying but I actually enjoy it all. I have found something I am interested in so it is exciting and fulfilling.

If you would like to support me even further and you have children between 6 and 13 I would appreciate it if you could take a look at the questionnaire below that I am distributing for my post graduate dissertation.


Thank you so much

Educating Mummy




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