Must have gadgets for the home

Gadgets For The Home

I know there is much controversy about how fast technology is moving within our society. However, I am quite happy to embrace the change. On the other hand, Mum often says to me ‘oh I survived without that modcon’, but I always try to tell her that is why your chores and tasks used to take forever. Nevertheless, I have composed a list and brief description of the items I could not live without now!! A lot of the products I  have received as gifts, and not ones that I asked for. My Christmas list normally comprises of handbags, shoes and makeup but I am very grateful I have been enlightened into the world of technology and gadgets.

  1.  Angelcare AC1100 Digital Video and  sound baby monitor – Before Oscar was born we had another Angelcare monitor that was solely for sound and movement. However, when Oscar was six months old he suffered from a suspected seizure and it was so frightening. After getting back from the hospital and getting the all clear I was adamant I needed to see him at all times whilst he was in bed. I ordered it that night, slept on the floor in his bedroom and waited for it to arrive. It is truly amazing and put me at ease. The picture quality is so clear, even in the dark. You can display the temperature, his movement, sound and you can even talk to him through it. I would definitely recommend it!

  1. Nespresso Milk U Machine – I love coffee. I only began drinking coffee after Oscar was born. It was the one thing that kept me awake. Nevertheless, I am going strong with my new year resolution and I am only drinking decaf coffee. This machine is so easy to use. You use coffee pods that you can purchase online, in free standing stores or in some department stores. I am quite an amateur coffee drinker but I favour this coffee over shop made ones. Also the milk machine is great for children’s hot chocolates.

  1. Philips Hue lighting system. I got this for Christmas and when you initially tell someone you got a light bulb for Christmas people often lift an eyebrow. However, this light-bulb is amazing. You can turn your light on and off  via your phone or a control pad. You can also dim the lights which is perfect when you have to do night feeds but do not want to wake the partner. I have the control pad that I have stuck to my bed, no screws and three years later still perfectly stuck. This light bulb can last up to 15 000 hours and uses up to 80% less energy than a normal light bulb!! I just love it!

  1.  Fujifilm X-T10  – I take this camera everywhere with me. Literally. Even though I do not have a case yet (oops). My two little boys got me this present and it is the best! It is so easy to use and even though I vowed I would read the manual before using it I have managed to navigate through it quite easily, yet to open the manual. I have a lot to learn so I am open to some tips and advice. I have the XF35mm F2 R WR lens also, which allows for closer and tighter focus shots which I love and I would say is my forte. After receiving my camera I looked at reviews and it is suggested to be one of the best cameras for street and portrait photography suggesting that I am not the only one to love it.

  1. Beaba Steamer and blender– This is one of the items my Mum was like ” Oh Lauren I used to boil your veg and mash it with a fork”. But once seeing it in action she loves it. I feel really bad but with Milo, I did attempt to make his food but he always spat it out and rejected it. After making enough for 10 weeks worth I ended up going onto jars because I was just wasting so much food. I probably gave up too soon but I can not rewind the time. But now with Oscar, I have embraced making all of his food and he is yet to have a jar. Which I am quite proud of because of my track record. Although I am not saying he will not have one, I know sometimes convenience wins and life gets in the way! Anyways with this machine, it literally does it all for you. You pop your veg, fruit and even meat in it. It steams it for you within just 21 minutes and then you can blend it immediately to your desired consistency.

  1. Dyson V6 Animal hoover  –  Another item people told me not to get. Nevertheless, me being stubborn or determined as I like to think I purchased this and have not looked back ever since. I suffer from a bad back and dragging a heavy hoover up and down a three storey house was not cool. It is such a light weight hoover and has all the accessories to clean in all spaces. First response I hear is, “Oh it only lasts 20 minutes”. Correct it does, so this hoover is used as a quick run around at mine enabling you to keep the house clean from day to day. If I was doing a deep clean, like moving the sofa and wardrobes out I would use a heavy weight one. It is actually surprising how much you get hoovered in 20 minutes.

  1.  Bose Mini Speaker  –  Had this for a few years now and I absolutely love it. It is so small and compact so is amazing for traveling and the sound is not compromised because of this. It is good for the labour room, the beach and also for when you have some friends over.

  1. Fresco Chrome Bloom highchair  –  So I searched high and low for highchairs. I really wanted a high chair that I did not need to dangle Oscar’s legs into. I remember with Milo, it used to hurt my back incredibly so that was my top criteria. After attending the baby show we found the Bloom and I have not looked back since. I like the style of the bloom and I also like the fact you can change the height and angle of the highchair within seconds. Moreover, I do not need to dangle Oscar’s legs to get him into it because the tray is easily detachable and leaves plenty of room (the double tray is also a bonus). The seat can be leaned back so it could be used from newborn when you need to get things done in the kitchen.

  1. Dyson Desk Fan –   This fan is amazing. Now four years old and still gets taken out of the loft every summer. It is a small design and a lot more visually appeasing in comparison to the bladed fan. Nevertheless, vanity was not the selling point for me. The non bladed fan is great for when you have children so there is no need to worry about the children trying to make alien voices in front of the fan and getting their hair caught up!

  1. Mophie charger XXL –   This charging station is the best I’ve had yet. It is relatively small considering you get four charges out of it. Another bonus for this station is that you can charge two devices at once and furthermore, one port is for an average charging speed and the second is for speedy charging.

All of the items are tagged if you want to investigate further and I would highly recommend everything I’ve listed. If you have any recommendations that would make my life easier as a Mother, Student and Blogger I would love to know. Message me directly through Instagram, Facebook or email me.

Lots of Love,


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