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When you become a parent you have to think about what baby changing bag you want. There are many on the market but they are various prices. I don’t think you realise before you are a parent the conundrum you will face not when you are purchasing the baby changing bag but actually what bag you are going to use for yourself.

When I fell pregnant with Milo I purchased myself the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag (when it was like only £500 quid!!!!). I think i justified this as I thought that I would be using it as my personal bag but also for nappies and extra baby bits. But oh how wrong I was. Trying to carry a big handbag over my shoulder as well as push a buggy, sometimes whilst holding a baby was just not practical.

Then I tried to use a rucksack. I know a lot of people rave on about how amazing rucksacks are because you have your arms and hands free but for me it was still an issue. I mean it was extremely frustrating because everything I needed was on my back. My phone, my purse, keys and so on. Maybe for me because I do not use my jean pockets as a holding space I found constantly going to my rucksack very tedious.

After that, I tried to put my belongings into the baby bag that was attached to the pram. Ok, so this initially felt amazing. I could easily retrieve my items (unlike the rucksack) and I still had my arms and hands free. The only time this becomes problematic is when you need to leave your pram somewhere. For example, in my doctors surgery there is an upstairs. If we had an appointment up there I would need to carry Milo up the stairs whilst also carrying my belongings in my hands in fear that I might come back downstairs to find it missing.

Then I started to long for an over the shoulder bag. I have seen a few of these around with different costs. I had my eyes on the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis. My lovely parents purchased this for me as a reward for my grades at university. I absolutely love it! It is big enough to put my diary, purse, asthma pump, keys and so on in. It is very light weight and I can retrieve my items very easily. I still have access to both of my hands and my bag is not constantly banging my babies head when I lean fall (as did the neverfull). I would definitely recommend a cross over shoulder bag when you have children!!

I found found a few bags on the market at the moment for new expecting Mums and also you parents who have experienced my struggles already. Have a look below.

Mulberry Antony cross over bag £595

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis £1260

Topshop Beatrice Bag £39

Zara Cross Over Bag £90

Gucci Soho leather disco bag £805

Khaki Fold over cross over bag £15.99

Celine cross over bag £690

Small bucket bag £65

As you can see there are various and many more bags on the market at the moment. I would highly recommend a cross over bag for all of the reasons I have spoken about above. I hope I have given an insight into what there is on offer for you all at the moment.

Have you got an recommendations for me??

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