Milo’s Tummy issues.

When Milo was born, he did not pass stool until he was 36 hours old. That first sticky poo everyone says that is terrible, we never experienced. We was kept in hospital because the doctors begun to investigate why he was not passing stool, they tested him for herspa disease and other bowel related problems all of which came back clear.

I remember thinking at the time, I have never wished so much for someone to poo. When he did eventually poo, Me and M were so happy, we ran out to tell the midwives who suggested this was what we needed to do, so they could check it. We left the hospital we no clear indication why this happened and we thought that he would begin to poo normally.

As days, weeks and then months passed Milo was suffering with hard stool and extreme problems going to the loo. We went to the doctors various times and we was eventually given some laxatives. This eased Milo’s constipation but not fully. We was instructed to give Milo water with fresh orange juice in it to stimulate his bowels to move and to soften his stool. All of which did not really help. He was only five months old and I did not like giving him orange juice but the doctors said it was necessary.

Fast forward until Milo started nursery and he was 18 months, he was still suffering with toileting issues, the nursery staff suggested it could be the food, brown bread, pasta etc. I know they meant well but I felt that everyone had their view on why this was happening, and they were all so adamant even though they had not witnessed the journey before. Milo sometimes screamed and cried going to the toilet. Then he got a little older and I was still making trips to the doctors trying to get a referral to the hospital. Then the doctors blamed it on bad toilet habits and potty training “it is very common”. But I knew this was absolute bullshit. No one was listening to me.

It even got so bad that Milo was not passing stool for a week or so and he begun to be sick because his food could not go anywhere else. It was horrible, he was in bed, sleepy, unable to eat anything else, hot and really sad. Each time I took him to the doctors and hospital and they always diagnosed that he had a virus of which I knew was not true. I could see the pattern and again no one was listening to me.

Then I go my Mum to take Milo into the doctors. She got the usual questions “is he drinking enough” ” does he eat enough fruit and veg” “is he potty trained”. She demanded a referral, and guessed what she was issued one. I had previously asked more than thirty times and they always blamed his constipation onto other issues such as diet.

We was refereed to a bowel specialist who ran some x-rays and ultrasounds on Milo’s tummy. He was extremely bloated and this was because his stool had stored so far up into his tummy. We was then prescribed some medicine to take whilst still taking the laxatives which was meant to stimulate his muscles in his bottom. Yes, this did help Milo go to the loo but my worry was how long is he going to be taking these medicines.

With the medicine, Milo started to pass stool daily for a few months (age 4 now). ThenĀ  all of a sudden the medicine stopped working and we went back to not passing stool for a week, the bowel specialist said there was nothing more they could do and that we was being refereed to a gastroenterology department (intestine specialist) . They run blood tests and suggested that this problem was because Milo seems as though he is lactose intolerant and that we needed to try a lactose free diet. We did, and nothing improved.

Age 6 and Milo is still attending the hospital. We have run some further tests and they still do not know why this has happened. We was refereed to a dietitian which actually really patronising. Milo eats about 8 fruit and veg portions a day. He does not have anything sweet in the week and our meals are well balanced. This problem begun at birth, it did not develop. How could it be diet based?

Now Milo is six and he is still bloated. We have begun a gluten free diet to try to see if it reduces the constipation, tummy aches and bloated tummy. Milo has been on medicine for nearly six years and I really do not want him to be on them forever. I know people do not mean it but some times Milo gets comments such as “Pop belly” ” Who ate all the chocolate”. I completely get it could be taken as a joke but when you have suffered for so long, it is not really funny.

I just really want to find out what is wrong with his tummy and I feel that his problem is getting brushed under the carpet because it is being managed with medicine. If he was not taking medicine he would not be going to the toilet. He had a X-Ray recently and we could see Milo’s tummy was again impacted with stool. When this happens we have to give him lots of laxatives to relieve this. It makes me really upset, and him also.

I am hoping the gluten free diet improves it all.

If anyone else knows of any problems such as ours, please message me

Best wishes,

Educating Mummy xx

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    • Pauline Arathoon
    • June 26, 2017

    I had the appestat to that with Trevon he had the runs all the time had to keep him in nappies till he was 5 years old I’m happy to say he grow out off it, but I was going through 3 packs of nappies a day

    • Kj
    • June 28, 2017

    It could be Hirschsprung Disease.

    • Alice
    • September 20, 2017

    Hey Lauren. I was reading about meconium the other day and found that a failure to pass meconium is a major symptom of Hirschsprung’s disease. It’s a congenital nerve problem in the intestines and it causes severe constipation, mainly in boys. Many times it goes undiagnosed until adulthood! I think you should find a doctor to test Milo for this disease. I hope you figure it out and Milo can get the proper treatment and poop normally soon! XX

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