Milo’s Gluten free diet journey so far

I just want to begin this blog by thanking everyone that has messaged me with advice regarding Milo’s gluten free diet. Your suggestions and even your own stories regarding your own tummy issues have been so helpful and insightful. This is a catch up on how it is all going so far for Milo. We were told to complete a three month trial, gluten free and we are now six weeks in.

When we first begun Milo’s gluten free diet, Milo was more excited than worried. He understood that he was not going to be able to have everything he had before but we was always going to try to make alternatives. However, now we are six weeks along I think the novelty and the realisation for Milo has begun to sink in that this may be his diet from on now.

We started Milo’s new diet a few weeks before he broke up for the summer holidays. He changed from school dinners to packed lunches as we wanted to ensure that everyone was regulated properly and that there was no cross contamination. He was very thrilled changing over to packed lunches as it was something new.

After all of your suggestions, I have been buying food for Milo from an array of shops.  I have to be honest, I have been so surprised by the amount that is available to us. Some meals we have been eating gluten free as a family as it is just easier than preparing two meals, for example spaghetti bolognese. We all have the same. However, meals such as fajitas. Milo has gluten free wraps and we have the normal ones. Just because gluten free wraps are so expensive.

We have managed to find lots of different cereals for Milo that he is keen on from shops such as Sainsburys and Waitrose. We have been purchasing crisps, biscuits, pasta, sauces and cakes from Sainsburys, Morrisons, Tesco and Asda . We are being really strict for the first three months and we are not buying anything that does not have any gluten ingredients in but still says ‘may contain gluten’ (made in the same factory that gluten is used). As we do not want to risk this being a variable into the diet not working.

So far, going out for lunches and dinner has been quite difficult. We went to a restaurant in a park the other day and the only option for Milo to have was nachos or an adult size portion of ribs. Another day we went out, the only option was fish fingers. Thankfully Milo likes those and actually deems those as a treat. But what if your child did not like fish? I have been making sure I take a packed lunch wherever I go now. Just incase there is nothing for Milo.

If you are switching to a gluten free diet, I think it is fair to say that it is more expensive than a usual diet. Also, remember to check condiments as some of them contain gluten. I don’t think you should worry about missing out in regards to food whilst at home. There are so many options for people on gluten free diets. Both of Milo’s Grandma’s have been purchasing Milo snacks and fun filled food as I think they both feel sorry for him. He actually has more crisps, cereal, and biscuits options than all of us. His cupboard is full.

Even though it has only been six weeks, we have seen a massive improvement with Milo’s bloating. His tummy is a lot flatter than it has ever been before and after he eats it remains flat. We have even been able to drop some of Milo’s medication that he has been taking since he was a baby which is our aim. We really dislike the thought of Milo being on medicine forever, especially if the issue can be controlled by his diet. He is still passing stool daily and it is at a perfect consistency (Bristol Stool Chart). We are going to be visiting a lady who diagnoses and helps people with intolerances just to cross reference what we have found.

Again Thank- You for all of your help.

Educating Mummy



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