So the wedding is not actually for a while yet but with work, university, other peoples holidays and childcare it was agreed to go on the Hen do this month. I have a lovely group of girl friends and we usually go away once a year so I did not feel as bad asking the girls to come to Marbs for the hen party.

I would say that I am generally the organiser of the group so I decided to arrange events and dinners myself however, the bridesmaids managed to secretly arrange a lot of things without me finding out. I can not believe the efforts they all went to, roping their family members into things and stressing out about missed packages in order to make the hen do extra special.

When we arrived at the airport I was given these glasses and veil to wear. First of all I was a little taken back but after a few minutes I got into the swing of things. I quite like the cheesiness of a hen do and I think the fun is lighthearted.

The first night, some of the girls were arriving in the evening so we stayed local and headed for dinner in Puerto Banus and then we headed to the bars and clubs to wait for the rest of the gang. For anyone heading to Marbella, the ‘back strip’ near the harbour is reasonably priced. If you are a female, you will usually be offered bottles, deals and free entrance to places. The music is very commercial and just what we were all looking for. We had a fab night!

I wore my blue jumpsuit and wedges from New Look and my nude mulberry bag. 

On the second day, everyone had arrived and we were all so buzzing for our pool party. After getting ready, we all congregated in one apartment and the girls had arranged a game for us. Mr and Mrs- So they had emailed Miles questions about himself, me and us. I had to try to guess Miles’ answer, if I got the answer correct I had to nominate someone to take a shot, if I got the question wrong I had to take the shot (luckily I got quite a lot right). The girls then handed out everyone a bag with little gifts and sashes for the holiday. Everything was planned so perfectly and I am so grateful. My bag included a beautiful book with pictures from my childhood, pictures with each of the girls and kind messages. Of course, my bag consisted of straws with male body parts on, garters, dare games and typical hen props.

I have had some back lash for videos on my Instagram about the hen related props. I apologise if anyone was offended however, I think that this type of action is quite normal on a hen do. As noted all of the bridesmaids purchased and surprised me with everything and I went along with the fun. I am an easy going person and I do not get offended by the sight of a fake willy. I think people forget that yes I am a blogger but I also have fun. I twerk, party and have fun like everyone else.

Our first pool party was at Plaza beach. The event was kisstory and it was awesome. Apart from the fact that we arrived an hour or so late and they nearly resold our bed even though we had paid for it already. Be warned, find out arrival and closing times if you are going yourself. The theme of our party was to either wear white, red or black and surprise surprise most turned up in black, I am kind of regretting picking a safe colour now. But to be honest, the pictures looked good and I know myself I am usually more comfy in black.

My costume was from ASOS and my shoes are from New Look, the bridesmaids got me my cover up, it said bride on the back which was lovely. I wore my shoes all day and they were so comfortable. My gorgeous body chain is from an Instagram shop called youtwentytwo. The girls got my sash and garter and I absolutely loved the fact that everyones accessories were all so smart and could go with most outfits.

We got two beds at Plaza beach that were very spacious. If you are looking to book a bed yourself I emailed Mode parties who then got me in contact with the right people. The advantage of getting a bed is that you do not need to go up to the bar as much and you could only order food if you was on a bed. As you all know I am an absolute foodie so this was so important for me. The food was delicious, most of us had a goujon chicken wrap. We all loved it and I would totally recommend it. Plaza beach is located right on the beach, there is no pool but if you need a dip in the sea it is not far.

The next day I was given a massive surprise and my university friend completely surprised me at our hotel! Of course, some of my friends were in on it and I had no idea. She arrived just in time for us to go to yet another pool party! This time it was at Sisu and Tinie Tempah was performing. Apart from the fact that I was a little worse for wear to begin with, the atmosphere was amazing and the music and our seating area was great. The only thing that left our day down was the food. It was pretty poor to be honest in comparison to the day before at Plaza beach.

The girls had got us all tattoos for this day, mine said Bride and everyone elses said Brides team. It was so subtle but all so lovely.

My swimming costume is from River Island and it was very very comfortable to wear. My glasses were from Primark 🙂

The last day we decided to have a chill day around the pool. It was so nice being able to spend time with My Mum, auntie and their friend as well as my friends. Our hotel was very lovely. We stayed in the Alanda Club Hotel. We had three apartments and they were all gorgeous. Our apartment had a dishwasher, washing machine, en suites, huge dining area. Although we were a group of girls I would definitely take the boys there for a family holiday. There were three pools on sight and they had a restaurant and pool bar.

For the last day, we decided to take it a little bit more easy. We went to La Cala to a restaurant called Olivia’s and the food was delicious.  The atmosphere was awesome too, we all got up and had a dance and had some yummy cocktails.

The girls yet again pulled another surprise out of the bag. I went to the loo by myself and left the girls looking like this.

And then I came out to this….

They was all wearing masks they had made of Miles’ face. It was pretty creepy to be honest and the table next to us took a liking to them and were walking around the restaurant with them on. It was the perfect end to a perfect few days away. Marbella treated us well and the whole group got along perfectly.

If you have any questions about Marbella and need any finer details please contact me.

Lots of Love

Educating Mummy




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