How many times can I go to the doctors?

So, Oscar started nursery in September 2017. He settled in nicely (better than Milo) and I was so positive about everything. I know people say children that start nursery at a young age need to develop their immune system but oh my. Oscar has had enough sicknesses and trips to the doctors and A&E to last him until adulthood. However, I do not blame the nursery at all. I personally think it was always going to happen. I reckon he must have sensitive ears (Milo had the same but not as extreme).

Oscar didn’t do all of his scheduled nursery days until a few weeks in. First of all, Oscar developed; a high temperature and he seemed very irritable. We took him to the doctors and they suggested that he had very swollen glands and an ear infection and we were prescribed a five-day course of amoxicillin (which he has never had before).

His ear infection remained sore and we were back to the doctors with a very ratty, sad baby. We got to the doctors and we noticed that be time being at home and travelling to the doctors, he had developed a head to toe rash. The doctor was not quite sure what is was and prescribed us some more antibiotics for his ear infection (penicillin this time). A few days passed and his temperature returned to normal however, the rash continued to spread and flare.

I feel like the doctors are our second home at the moment. Day two of his penicillin and we are ringing the doctors yet again at 8am in the morning for an emergency appointment at the doctors. It is so frustrating at my doctors because the phone lines open at 8am. I’m calling at 7:59 and it says the surgery is closed. Ring again at 8am and all of a sudden I am number 29 in the fucking queue. We are usually on the phone for around 45 minutes to get an emergency appointment whilst trying to get ready for work and university ourselves.

Anyways, get down to the doctors and they say his ear still has fluid in it but the infection is gone. And in regards to the rash, well they said it was a delayed reaction to the first lot of antibiotics so we could not have that one or penicillin again as they have are from the same family.

Poor little boy was so sore and itchy it was so horrible to see. A few days passed and he was back at nursery. He got another temperature and was displaying the typical signs of an ear infection. When I collected him from nursery, there is no way I would get an appointment that evening with a doctors so I took him to the local A&E as I don’t live too far from it. The doctor there says the same thing, fluid in the ear but no infection; it’s just a viral infection they say.

Now, I know I am not a doctor but I knew it was just not the case. The following day, I was collecting Milo from a club that was about 45 minutes drive away from ours. On return, Oscar was non-stop screaming in the car. His face was bright red and then became very drowsy and quiet all of a sudden. He had already had all the medicine he could of had so I really didn’t know what to do. I pulled over and checked his temperature and it was 39.9.

I sped home, and I decided to call the ambulance. He was not very responsive and his head was floppy. He was sitting into my lap and cuddling me, which he rarely does. He is usually running around. The ambulance came and they were so helpful! His temperature was then at 40.2. They gave him some extra meds and took us straight to the hospital. Being at the hospital they treated us for high fever and concluded that yes his ear infection was back!!! They sent a referral letter to the allergy team as well as to the ear’s nose and throat department.

I was so furious that I knew the day before what was wrong with my child and they did not help or listen to me. It had to get to that unhappy stage for someone to listen. We was given some new antibiotics called erythromycin and guess what he got another allergic reaction rash. Yet this time when I went to the doctor a few days later they did listen because I was very aggy! They put us onto different antibiotics called trimethoprim, which is usually used for water infections, but we thought we would give it ago.

After a week of this, his ears still seemed bad so we given one more week of it and it was fine for a little while. Our family doctor called us into the surgery a month later and had another look at Oscar. She stated that she thinks his eardrum had burst in one ear and that is why it took so long to heal as well as all the allergies on top. She said he still had fluid behind one of his eardrums and we needed to see the ENT asap and sent a letter to the hospital stating it was an emergency. We visited the ENT early Dec and they suggested that we wait for grommets, as he has not had an infection for a month.

BUT… just before crimbo Oscar again got the high temp and was tugging at his ear. I do not wait around; we again called up the doctors and waited 45 minutes for an emergency appointment. Get down to the doctors and they say ‘oh its a little red’. It seems like it’s a sign of an infection going away. Considering it was such a long time (for Oscar) since his last infection I insisted that they check again tomorrow because it doesn’t make sense for it to still be red. They saw us the day later and yep it is an infection (different doctor). They gave us some more trimethoprim and then we had a scheduled appointment with the allergy department a few days later.

Oscar is seen at the allergy department to discuss all of the rashes. The doctor there said it is rare to have an allergy to all three antibiotics and that we need to have an allergy challenge at a later stage. We told her we was on antibiotics for his ear again and we told her that he always has to be on them for a long time as the antibiotics isn’t actually for ear infections. She gives us another medicine to change over to which is in the same family as erythromycin (azithromycin) and reassures us he will be ok.

It was a three-day medicine and is for people with ear infections. Oscar had the medicine however; he did get another rash (a delayed one). It was subtle initially, however, and then it turned into hives around Christmas time. We had to take him to the doctors three times for someone to help us. They gave us oral steroid medicine for three days. His rash went and then he was off of it for one day and it came back. Rushed him back down to the hospital where they have been dealing with him and they had three doctors look at his skin. They told us they think it is eczema that has been brought on from all the illnesses he has had recently. Maybe if he had his grommets earlier we would not be in this position?

I have an Ears nose and throat appointment this Thursday and I am pushing for grommets as Oscar can not take any medicine that effectively treats ear infections and when he does use the correct medicine he is in extreme pain with a horrendous rash.

Of course it has been tough on Oscar but it has definitely been tough on us too. Who should take the day off when Oscar needs it off? The person bringing in the money or the person studying? In my defence I cannot take many days off as I will not pass and all of this will be a waste of time. Oscar has been off of nursery a lot, as you cannot always go into nursery if you have been on new meds for less than 24 hours. Oh it’s been so tough. We have visited the hospital so many times and now we are dealing with his skin! Poor Milo has been at the hospital with us and at times we have been alone there too (which is very tough, especially when they need bloods).

It feels like if its not one thing, its another thing. At the moment we are treating his skin as if it is eczema but I do not feel convinced.  The hospital said to give it a week and if it does not get better or it gets worse we need to go back in. The oral steroids worked amazingly but he can’t be on those forever so it needs to be sorted. Thank you all so much for all of your recommendations of skin care. I am giving the hospital creams a go and if it does not change then we may try something else.


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    • Rochelle Liu
    • January 22, 2018

    I command the demon in Oscar’s ears to leave permanently and never to return in the might name of Jesus.

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