Kids in Boohoo

Did you know Boohoo sold children’s clothes?

Last September Boohoo launched their children’s lines, both girls and boys. Whilst at the moment, there is more options for girls clothes, there are lots of eye catching options for boys too!

Within the boys collections there are many different pieces available. They have comfy tracksuits that are very affordable and come in a range of colours.

This was one of my favourite tracksuits ‘on paper’ lol and it was just as lovely when it arrived. It is a textured tracksuit and I think Milo looked really smart in it. I love it when joggers/tracksuits look smart on Milo. Milo picked the navy blue but it does come in other colours such as grey also. Click HERE to view and purchase.

This Khaki jogger set is extra soft and perfect for looking presentable whilst being comfortable. Click HERE to look and purchase.

Milo usually wears t-shirts that do not have any bold characters on and the t-shirts that Boohoo sell match our style. They do sell some t-shirts with slogans on but they are subtle and still fashionable.

This white and purple tee is very cute and also comes in a black version. We did also roll the sleeves up which looked pretty cool. It is a long tee style. We paired it with white jeans which is a summer look but it could also be paired with navy blue chinos. Click HERE to view and purchase.

I have been searching endlessly for some smart boots that Milo will wear. Now Milo is getting older, he likes to have a decision into his clothes. Bribing him does not work anymore. I am pleased we found these boots that he can now wear. He said they are comfy too. Click HERE to view and purchase Milo’s boots.

Milo picked this half floral and half black tee. He absolutely loves the fact that the floral part is mesh. Click HERE to view and purchase. It is so affordable!

The sizes are inline with other high street shops that we usually purchase from so if you are thinking of purchasing clothes from them stick to your usual sizes.

The skills tee comes with the bottoms. To be honest I was not overly keen on this at first but actually when it arrived I had to swallow my pride and I told Milo it actually looked really lovely on. The material of the tee hangs really well and it is very easy to wear. Milo loves it. Again, it is ridiculously affordable and price is always an important factor! Click HERE to view and purchase.

This ‘too young’ slogan t-shirt is also something I would not have usually picked, however it looks great on Milo. I love the colour on him. They also stock it in a khaki which is nice but I really like the blue on Milo’s skin tone. Click HERE to view and purchase.

This #CHAOS jumper fits so nicely on M. This sounds very Mum for me to say but it is very ‘in’ right now with the use of the hashtag. Really love it. Click HERE to view and purchase. It is only £8!!!

So when you are shopping on Boohoo for yourselves, don’t forget to check out the kids section. The also sell coats, shirts and have just stocked some Halloween outfits for girls and boys.

Have a look and let me know what you think.

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