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I have had a lot of messages asking about child modelling, the hows, whats and for advice. I’ve decided to just write a blog about it all to try to give you all the best possible answers I can give.

As you may know I have been picture happy since I got my camera. I started to post my pictures on Instagram and a few people messaged me asking what agency Oscar was with. At this time he was not with anyone and one particular lady was very helpful and gave me advice of what agencies to choose from (thanks to you!). I cross checked thoughts with another lady who I followed on my Instagram as I saw that her boys modeled too. It really helped getting advice from people on Instagram because quite honestly I was over whelmed by the amount of agencies there are online.

The agency we wanted to apply to for Oscar had unfortunately closed their books once I got round to applying however, I decided to still give it a shot and emailed saying I knew I was late applying but could I submit Oscar’s photos. To be honest, I did not expect a reply but then the following morning we had an acceptance email and was offered a year contract. Once all of the logistics were sorted Oscar was on their books.

It had been a month since Oscar had been on the books and I heard no news. I was getting disheartened seeing all the other babies getting castings and picked for shoots and Oscar was not getting anything. At the same time Milo had been scouted by a different modelling agency that was keen on having Oscar too. I emailed Oscar’s agency to find out if he had been given any interest or if he would possibly suit a different agency with different clients but they were then adamant that he would get work soon. I left Oscar with his agency and within a week or so the castings picked up.

Castings are usually very short notice and the picture taking actually only takes around five minutes or so. Some brands and retailers like the babies to change into their clothes but sometimes you are asked to wear something particular (usually not white) for them to be shot in. Personally I prefer this as there is no faffing around putting clothes on a off for a casting. Sometimes children are allocated five minute slots but most of the time you are able to attend within a time frame (e.g 10am -2pm). Milo’s castings are always after school times so you do not have to worry about them skipping school. Sometimes, I like to go home quickly before to sort his hair out but sometimes there is just not enough time.

Most of the castings are located in London which is handy for us as we live in London. Having said that as I always drive to castings it can still take me an hour and half to get there. I have been lucky as there has always been parking (payable) around. You do not usually find out if you was unsuccessful from a casting but of course you do find out if you are successful. Sometimes I have been told on the day and other times it has taken 3 weeks for a reply. Personally after a casting I like to just forget about it and if they get picked I am happy.

Of course when Oscar or Milo are chosen for a shoot it is very nice. You are given the location, date and time. Even though you are given a time frame, things do not usually run to their time frames and you are there for much longer. Luckily for us, Milo’s shoots have all been after school or on the weekends. I know that some retailers expect school age children to attend shoots during school hours and if your school do not accept, you can not attend as your license will not be issued.

 Tips for attending shoots

  1. Take snacks – As I have said things rarely run to the right time frames. Having a hungry baby is never good when you are trying to a get a perfect shot.
  2. Phone charger – If you are like me you will hate running out of battery. If you are there longer than you are meant to, you may need to extend parking through your phone and if its dead you might get a ticket!
  3. Toys – I always take toys with me to try to keep Oscar amused. I try to take toys that he rarely plays with so he is more interested when he gets there.
  4. Ipad – Life saver!
  5. Your lunch – Some shoots provide refreshments for babies and adults but some do not!
  6. Hairbrush – Some shoots have a hairdresser to do your little ones hair. However, some do not. Bring a brush just in case you need to give their hair a brush. Also, be prepared that some shoots have a hairdresser and they sometimes want to cut your babies hair.
  7. Be flexible – For us, when the kids are at a shoot there are no rules. If they want their strawberries before their sandwich, so be it. Keep them happy.
  8. Comfortable clothes – We usually dress the boys in soft clothes. It is so much easier taking on a off jogging bottoms and rompers. It is easier in between clothes changes slipping on comfy clothes as opposed to shirts and smart trousers.
  9. Parking – Check out availability parking before hand. Download the apps etc before your arrival just making your day smoother.
  10. Ask first – Some retailers want their location and clothes to be kept under wraps until the release date of their clothes but some retailers really do not mind. Just ask before you post on social media.


There are a number of agencies I hear about at both Milo’s and Oscar’s shoots which are:

Kids London, Tiny Angels, Bruce and Brown, and Grace and Galor.

Another thing to remember is personally I do not think you need portfolio pictures to apply to modeling, get a family member with a camera to take a few snaps. I update the boys pictures every month even though it is not required of us. I like to keep the pictures up to date and looking fresh. You should not pay any upfront costs and you should not expect any jobs as there are so many people on the books.

At the moment, Oscar has had more jobs than Milo but I try not to tell Milo because naturally he is wondering why he is getting less. They have completely different looks and they are with different agencies. I think it is good to not take anything too personally. All of our babies and children are gorgeous.

Hope you have enjoyed my blog, if you have any tips for me. Let me know

Educating Mummy

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