It can be difficult at times

A few months back I wrote a blog to mainly answer all of the questions I repeatedly get asked about the kids modelling. I address what agencies are good and also I composed a list of tips too. If you haven’t read it yet you can check it out HERE!

This blog is going to be slightly different compared to the last. I would like to address how we feel as parents with the children modelling. I wonder if any of you can relate? If so, let me know :).

So we all think our own children are beautiful, handsome and the most photogenic children in the world. Although, we have been fortunate enough to be contacted and accepted into our agencies quickly I appreciate not everyone does. I get a lot of messages regarding people not being accepted to numerous agencies. I can imagine this to be so disheartening. I understand the child will not be aware of not getting accepted but naturally as a parent you would suddenly think why not?

No, your child is not considered unattractive. The things I often relay back to parents is that the agency might just have a lot of children who quite likely look like your children. I do not mean that your children look exactly the same as others but I mean that they may have a lot of children with say brown hair and green eyes on their books and they are now on the hunt for brown hair and blue eyes children. It could also be that you live too far away from where the castings and shoots are located. It could simply be, that your pictures you submitted were blurry and crowded. It could be a whole host of reasons but what you should never think is it is because the agency thought your child was unattractive. Always apply again with new fresh pictures!

Another thing about your children modelling that can be quite disheartening is when your little one has been confirmed for a shoot. They and you are both happy and set off early for the shoot day ahead. I am speaking from personal experience here. You arrive at the shoot. They are excited. They are getting changed and having pictures taken. Your child suffers from bloating and gets bloated at the shoot. They end up limiting your outfits because of the bloating!!!. It is very disheartening. Even though M was known the wiser.

We have also been at the other end of that. Whereby we have been given another little boys outfit . Meaning they weren’t on the campaign. Sometimes it just happens but it is sad considering you have spent a good few hours, ready to dedicate yourself and your children to the shoot.

Next, we have the realities of your child not wanting to comply at a shoot. Oscar did this last week, we had a shoot for well known high street store and Oscar was not having a bar of it (first time). They wanted him to sit on a skateboard that he wanted to play with. Because he was not getting his own way he cried and we got no pictures. Again disheartening.

On another note, when your child says they want a break from modelling and gets the most amount of opportunities for brands such as Farfetch, Tesco and Gucci. Milo came to us and said that he was bored with modelling. The difficult thing about child modelling is that the children do not reap the benefits now. All money has to go into accounts that are locked until your children at 18. Having said that, we was giving Milo £5 for every casting and shoot he had. He was easily taking home around £40 a month. For a six year old, that is pretty decent. But soon, the novelty of money wears off.

Milo loves meeting new friends and socialising but he was beginning to get bored of all the waiting around, travelling and not being able to do everything he wanted on the weekends. It is a little disheartening as we have put a lot of time into it. But I know the most important thing is M being happy.

Lastly, when you think your casting when swimmingly but you do not get the job. When you have been for a casting, you are not given a no. You are left in limbo wondering if they have or not. I usually try to just forget about the shoot and if I get an email or phone call I am thrilled. Sometimes it can be three weeks until you hear back and sometimes it can be the next day. At the beginning, I used to over think it. But now I realise there is no point. A casting can go so well and you may not get it. Then you could attend a casting with your child with a snotty nose and they do get it!

Of course, it is lovely seeing your little ones faces in magazines, shops and on adverts but there are definitely hard an challenging times to modelling too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this honest blog

Love, Educating Mummy x

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