Is it ok to feel yourself?


In a society whereby we live amongst social networking I feel that we are more at the forfront of being scrutinised than ever before. Personally for me, I have over heard or even witnessed my friends saying comments such as “She’s vain,” ” she posts too many selfies” (even though they are guilty of it themselves) and I have also witnessed people receiving comments along the same lines.

I mean lets face it, social media and really I am mainly speaking about Instagram is all about posting pictures that relate to you. For me at the moment it is my children, they are the most beautiful things about me and I love to share them. For other people it may be themselves.

I personally do not have an issue with people posting selfies on their gram. Whether it be a daily selfie or what not. If someone is confident enough to post a picture of themselves why should other people merely comment on how often they post pictures up or any other rude comments they feel to add in.

It is actually frustrating when I see people constantly supporting celebs and commenting on their pictures but fail to recognise people that they have known or went to school with etc that are doing well or looking beautiful.

I personally think that we should be empowering each other. We do not need to make rude and judgemental comments about one and other. I know it is the old school saying ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all’. 

I suppose what I am heading to, is lets support the people around us. Tell them they are buff, lift them up. Ask them where their dress is from. Make them feel loved. Let them get gassed. Whats the harm in that?

Everyone is promoting self love. Lets embrace it together!

Peace and Love

Educating Mummy



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