Is blogging a ‘proper’ job?

I started blogging in July 2016. It has been nearly two years now and to be honest I am a little shocked and quite proud that I have committed myself to this!

Whilst I never expected to have the amount of followers I have, I am very very grateful for the support and love of everyone who gives us support as a family. However, there are some down sides to being a Blogger, influencer and also a YouTuber and that is that people think it can not be a ‘proper’ job.

I mean what defines a ‘proper’ job anyway? Having to commute to work via public transport? Working in a office? Having set hours? Getting paid holiday? Not having to chase anyone for your money?

I understand that a lot of people do not understand how sustainable blogging and Instagramming is but that does not mean that it is not a job.

Quite recently, I have stopped studying and I am waiting to embark on my next educational journey so at the moment, I am full on blogging and actually loving it. There is no ‘proper’ job on the agenda as yet.

However, when people ask what I do. Whether it be at an event, at the nursery, school trip and so on. I feel a little worried about stating that I am a blogger and so forth. When in reality that is my career at the moment. Why am I nervous to give this information up?

I have always told my friends to be proud of their jobs and now I am being so hypocritical because for some reason I am holding back from telling some people what  I do. I think it may be because sometimes you hear people slating bloggers for being lazy and not having a ‘proper’ job.

People think that blogging and Instagramming is easy. Fool you not, it is far from. When you are self employed there is no home time from work. You are always working. Always thinking of new ideas. Always thinking of ways in which you can capture good content. When I go to bed my mind is ticking.

I think some people think blogging is easy and that if you have an open profile you automatically get followers. However, this is not the case. It takes effort and determination. When working with people, you have to create content and captions to post which is not always quick. At times content needs to be authorised before posting and if it isn’t correct it needs to be edited again.

To make it harder, you often have to chase your payments as they are usually late which is totally not fair as if you are late delivering content (which I never am) they probably wouldn’t work with you again or you would be told off!

I can not iterate enough that it is far from easy and it is very very time consuming! If you are thinking about getting into blogging, I would whole heartedly say to go for it. What have you got to lose. Stop saving face and do what you desire to do. I composed a list of tips for blogging last year. I will link it here for all of you aspiring bloggers. Please have a read.

Next week, I will be writing a blog all about gifting, pr packages and ads!

Stay tuned!






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