Insta Mums


Insta Mums

Social media can be so powerful now. I see companies using influencers on social media over the traditional adverts in magazines, as influencers seem to gain a better rapport than a bog standard advert can.

I think this is truly amazing as for myself personally, I prefer to see actual Mum’s discussing products and services as opposed to adverts (as long as they are honest, good or bad).

The only sad thing I think is that the majority of successful ‘Insta- Mums’ are all one type of woman. When I say successful I mean, mums who are able to sustain an income that means they do not need to do anything else. They are offered AD’s on a regular basis and they have a substantial amount of followers and are possibly verified.

I am all for women making money from social networking. However, it is worrisome that it is one type of woman; white, older, middle class women.

When you see all the same faces at the same places, it becomes quite disheartening that actual brands and PR agencies are looking for the same thing. Aren’t we meant to be pushing inclusive behaviour among society?

I am a young, working class mother, and I feel that I have a lot to offer. However, when I attend some events, I feel as though I am maybe not taken as seriously as the typical insta Mum. I am definitely not the only one to feel like this either.

This is not a personal dig at those who are older, white and middle class. This is actually a rant that women who are not all of the above should be selected to represent their version of motherhood too.

I like to be able to relate to the women I follow as I feel a connection and some type of similarity too. I do not see many Mums who I can relate to getting endless ad jobs, having their accounts verified or getting invited to lots of events. That is so frustrating as I feel that companies are not being representative.

For example, the Hello MAG shoot ‘ best star awards’- all of the women who were selected were all white and for sure not working class. WTF???

 I have met a few Mothers through the Instagram mummy world of whom feel the same as me, Sophie Doe (@mummydeer1) is one of those women. Have a listen to what she has to say about this!

I was really glad to leave school because I couldn’t stand all the drama with the cliques, bitchy girls and teacher favourites. I hated getting sucked into things like that and I was ready to move on with things and socialise without thinking about what girls would say in form room or if I wore “the wrong dress” to prom what people would say about me

However in the blogging industry it’s not teachers it’s PR companies who seem to have their select crowd of people that fit the bill of a middle class white London family who live in a classic family dynamic. I thought we had moved on from this but diversity seems to be lacking in terms of age, race, circumstances.

I have Mum friends who are married, home owners and even have a dog but I also have Mum friends who are single, sole provider and had their child at a young age. Both of whom would like to advertise products, go to events and network but sometimes it can be a popularity contest! Equally there’s are great dads on social media building their followings that get neglected also.

The dynamics of the industry are changing but why isn’t social media?

Whats your thoughts on this??

More diversity needed?

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