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Hey guys,

I have been absent on here. My blog. The place I started. The place, I have voiced a lot of things. Very personal things. My opinions and lots more.

I’ve wanted to write on here for a while now but I often wonder if what I want to say is too little for on here yet too big for a caption on an Instagram post.

But here I am. I’m back. I have decided to not worry about size (hehe). And instead of worrying about maybe one topic. Maybe speak about two topics on one blog even if the topics are not related.

I have actually just broken my toe and my inability of getting out of the bed has fuelled me to do something that I have been procastinating for a while now!!

It could be so, that I am reviewing something I have been watching, reading or doing!! I am not sure totally. But what I do know is that I have missed writing. So here goes..

I’m kicking this week off with something I have been watching ‘ The Disappearance of Madeline McCann’

It is a case that I wish I knew the truth about yet I know that it will never happen. The whole thing baffles me.

I am unsure why they left their children in an unlocked apartment that lead straight onto the road. I know people say her case was the one that cemented why this shouldn’t be done. But common sense prevails that when you are in a new unfamiliar country why would instantly trust everyone around you?

When I originally heard about the case, it was insinuated that the restaurant was extremely close to the apartment that Maddie and her siblings were sleeping in. However, now after watching this programme it is evident that the apartment was not close and you essentially had to walk outside of the resort to enter the apartment. There was even a small alley and high hedge in between the restaurant and the apartments.

Questions that I have. I have many. But I will list a few.

  • Why did they not lock the door?
  • What if Maddie would have come looking for her parents?
  • Did they actually check on the children every 20/30 minutes?
  • Did they not think that they couldn’t see all possible exits (including windows)?
  • What about if someone was sick in their sleep?
  • Why did Kate leave the twins in the room after finding Maddie gone, did she not think they might not be there when she got back?

I understand I may seem like a harsh critic but I am baffled as to why I worry about not having the monitor on for ten minutes whilst I am downstairs and they thought it was ok to leave 3 children alone, unoccupied in a unfamiliar setting every evening to go out for dinner with their friends.

Some more questions I wonder:

  • Why did Maddie get so much coverage?
  • Did they person who arranged the weekly booking for the friend group have anything to do with it because they didn’t usually take bookings in advance?
  • Kate said, she was surprised and angered that the hotel had written that all children would be home alone on their reservation sheet and suggested thats a clear give away to strangers. Did she blame them?

I know a lot of people think the parents are to blame. “They drugged her (Madeline) and her siblings so they would sleep all evening and over dosed her.”

But when and where did they move her too?

Some of you have said, you think they paid someone to take her after they over dosed her. But how would they get that contact. Surely someone would have ballsed up by now?

I just can’t see how they would have overdosed on calpol? Maybe an allergic reaction maybe? But why would they need to hide that?

If someone did abduct her. Why her and not a child who would make less noise and would remember her parents less. I guess that is something we will never know.

  • Why did Kate and Gerry not face neglect charges?
  • Why were they still safe to look after their other children?

After all leaving them whilst eating was not a one off. It was made clear they had been doing it every night whilst there.

  • Did they get lapse with checking on the kids?
  • Had the kids been ok previously so they assumed they were fine?
  • Did some parents pretend to check in but actually didn’t?
  • Did the person who checked before, hear a noise and didn’t want to go in just incase someone was awake? But actually it could have been the abductor/s?

I guess there are an endless amount of questions. It is so frightening as well. I can honestly say leaving my children in a hotel room would never be an option for me.

I would rather either eat on the balcony/ living room area. Take the children with us and hope they napped/slept. Or just make dinner time earlier for all. Its a no brainer for me!

In the midst of this all. What happened and why. All I hope for is that whether Maddie is still here or not. That she did/does not suffer. And is/was not fearful. I can not imagine being in that situation. At all!!!

Whatever happened to Maddie, whether the parents were involved or not. They will still be paying the price for leaving them. I do not think leaving horrid comments on their articles etc is nice because they know they made a mistake. A very big one. And they are living it for their entire lives!


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