Ibiza break with the girls

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My friends and I took a four day break to Ibiza to celebrate our friends birthday. I have been twice before and every time I go I seem to love it more and more. However, this time I felt very apprehensive about going as Oscar is only eighteen weeks old and after booking the trip I was even debating cancelling it.


I am very fortunate that Miles is a very supportive father and is extremely capable and willing to care for the children independently. Nevertheless, I could not help but feel an urge of guilt. Am I bad mum for leaving my children to have fun with my friends? Will people judge me?

I know the rational answer is no, I am not a bad mum. I tend to my children’s needs before my own and I love them dearly. If you are a parent you will understand that you are continuously active even when the children are tucked up in bed. You are still running errands such as washing the baby bottles or preparing for the next day meaning that your relaxation period is normally quite limited.

Miles is forever telling me, you can still have fun with your friends after having children. You have gained more responsibilities but your life does not need to come to a halt. As for people judging me, some people may. But I can not do anything about that. I am me.


After arriving to Ibiza I was feeling a lot more comfortable and I began to relax. Even though we went on a short break we managed to do a lot of fun things so it was definitely worth it. My best friend and I honestly thought that we would have enjoyed the extra sleep being away from the children but we honestly got less sleep than we would at home. Nevertheless, we did manage to relax during the day at Blue Marlin and Ocean Club with some strawberry daiquiris and some yummy food.

In Ibiza you get such a variety of ages and crowds of people. There are people arriving for solely the party scene but there are also families, seeing the babies around the island made me miss my children. If you are taking a trip to Ibiza for the party scene people normally stay in Playa de Bossa or San Antonio which are twenty minutes apart in a taxi. The super clubs are dotted around the island but they are very accessible as there are so many taxis around. Whether you want to party until 6am, go for nice dinners or want to relax around a pool, Ibiza definitely caters for all.

If you manage to go on a break  without the children my advice would be to enjoy the lays ins and the ability to eat your dinner without being interrupted because you will be back before you know it.

Until next time,


Lauren xxx

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