I want another baby!

People often ask me “anymore baby planning?” and they are often shocked by my response. YES, I would love one more baby!!

I never thought, I would have many children. I come from a family of six and Miles is an only child. I always said I did not want a big family as I often felt I wanted to give my children more than my parents could not. Is three a big family? I know the average amount of children in the UK is now two children.

Do not get me wrong, I love having a massive family. I really do. Christmas time is amazing, birthdays are great too and always having family members to see is good.

But before I had children I valued the ability to go abroad and I wanted to be able to take my children away every year of which my parents could not because there was so many of us. We always went away but it was usually caravan holidays, Butlins (which may I add is so expensive now) or haven and so on.

We always had an amazing time and loved spending the holidays at the caravan. But as a child, I always wanted to go abroad. However, now I am older. I realise that holidays is not the be all and end all. Looking back into my childhood I am now grateful for everything my parents did for us regardless of money.

So what is stopping us from having another baby?

Miles is the reason. He suggests that he is happy with two beautiful children of which I am too. He states having a baby is tiring. Which it definitely is!! He also thinks that when you have a baby for at least the first year of the babies life, it can be very time consuming and career choices sometimes have to take the back seat (especially for M as he is a DJ).

I am grateful to have two healthy children and maybe I am selfish for wanting more when some people cant even have one. I honestly, do not know why. But I really want another one. I am not sure if its my motherly instincts. Or because Oscar is growing up and he is not so little now.

Miles and I are both enjoying being able to sit back a bit more now. Oscar and Milo play so well together and their relationship is really blossoming. Having said that, Milo has been watching 19 kids and counting and is now asking us to have 8 more babies so we will have a total of ten children.

I mean I do not want ten children, but I would love one more. I probably think about it on a daily basis. When I tell people this, they often chuckle and ask if I want a little girl. The answer is no, I do not long for a little girl. I would love a baby regardless of sex.

I mean how does it work? I really would love a baby and Miles does not. You cant really compromise on having a baby. Its not like compromising on what you want to have for dinner. I mean, I think if we did so happen to fall pregnant:) I know Miles would step up to being a Dad to a third child as he is truly amazing.

Maybe my feeling will pass? Does anyone else feel like this?

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    • Dee
    • April 25, 2018

    Literally everything you’ve written is our situation. I want another but hubby is content. We have 3 boys and to be honest he was cool with 2.
    However with #4 he’s not budging (for now). All his reasons are valid and my head agrees (money/career/holidays/health/tiredness) BUT my heart wants 1 more baby, I just feel like when were old and look back we will regret it – well I will anyway. I come from a small family so have always wanted a big one. I guess we’ll have to watch this space. I’m hoping he has a change of heart in the next year and a half lol.
    Oh and yeah I constantly get asked if I’m going to try for a girl- like it’s under my control lol!!

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