How I stay happy on Instagram..

Sorry for the blogging break, I have been busy with Milo and the honest part of me needs to tell you that I totally had a bloggers block. There are some topics I really want to speak about on here but I am not ready just yet. Every time I thought about writing a blog those topics came to mind and I couldn’t think of anything else.

Anyways I am back and I am speaking about how I remain happy whilst using social media!

As we know, social media is a big part of everyones lives (unless you are my mum).

I would say I am relevantly happy with my social media game and this is how I do so.


I legit follow people I want to follow. I don’t follow the people I feel I should. Even some family members I don’t follow because quite frankly their grids don’t appeal to me. I still love them dearly and we message and talk but their Instagram pages are a No no. Also, when people I meet follow me I no longer feel obliged to follow them. I only follow them if I like their feeds.


I do not follow people because other people do. I did at the beginning but then I would scroll through my feed and see things I did not always like. Not everyone will like me and not everyone will like the people I follow. Follow the people who make you laugh, speak to you and are inspiring to YOU!


I guess celebrities are celebrities for a reason. But I on the whole do not follow any. I mean you may scroll through and see I follow a few but I can not actually think of one off the top of my head whom I follow. I just find it quite sad and in ways bad that many people comment on celebrities pictures like “well done” and “Gorgeous” yet they wouldn’t comment on a persons picture that they knew in the same way. It cringes me out to be honest and bothers me so I do not follow any:)


If I happen to follow people and then I no longer like their feeds any longer. I unfollow. It isn’t that deep to me. It is not because I dislike the person or their children or what not. It is simply because I do not relate to their feeds or find them inspiring anymore. It doesn’t mean that I wont follow again it is just for the time being.


I know for a lot of people now, that social media is their full time jobs which is awesome and so flexible. I know for myself sometimes my following numbers have plateaued and it is easy to get disheartened and may even think about whether this is still right for you. But by keeping a monthly track on your followers you can look back and realise that actually you have grown since the last month. It is easy to forget where your started in comparison to where you are now.


I know it is easy to say, but do not compare. The lives we hold on Instagram are not always the real lives we hold in reality. I mean we try to portray the ‘real’ us at all times but then that would require me being on my phone constantly.


I post pictures nearly every day on Instagram and I may do a few stories a day. But I find it difficult to be on there all the time. Some people I follow, I know their every move all day pretty much and if that works for them then that is great. But for me, it does not work because quite frankly I can not be arsed.


Do not ever, post anything because you think it may get a lot of likes or lots of engagement unless you are 100% comfortable with it going live. Once it goes live there is no way you can retract how many people see it. Even if you delete it, there would have been a lot of people who would have screen shotted your image and sent it to numerous whats app groups who then save it onto their camera roll and then show it to other people from different circle groups.


What keeps me happy is engaging with you guys. I really love speaking to you all. I really dislike it when I reach out to bloggers and they read and ignore it because I question why they are doing it in the first place. I understand that people get a lot of messages but by even doing one video to answer a question that you may have had a 100 times is better than ignoring one person.

I hope if you take anything from this is stay happy, do not let anything or anyone make you feel that you are not good enough for anyone. Be happy!

Lauren XXX




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