I haven’t always had it on lock.

I have had messages asking me how I have got Oscar sleeping through the night from such an early age. Which is true. But I want you to know that I have not always had such a smooth ride with Milo. I made mistakes that I promised I would not do with Oscar. And that, I have stayed true to my word.

So rewind about six years ago when Milo was born, we implemented a bed time routine immediately. It really did work.  We bathed Milo at the same time every night and laid him in his cot, whether he was asleep or not. Be time Milo was six weeks old he was sleeping through the majority of the night. However, when Milo turned nine months old he began to play up going to sleep, staying a sleep and waking up ridiculously early.

Before this, Milo used to wake up at 7am every morning. I would get him a bottle and put him in my bed and fall back to sleep for another few hours. I think this is where the problem stemmed from. I didn’t have any other children so sleeping an extra few hours was bliss. I felt rather lucky that I was having a lovely lay in but it really did catch up with us.

Milo begun to wake up earlier and earlier expecting to come into our bed. I initially let him, but after a while I begun to think it was getting too early into the morning or he just did not want to sleep alone. He was not his fault. Milo could not tell the time so he didn’t know the difference between 2am and 7am. We started trying to soothe Milo back to sleep in his cot. We tried the patting technique. It worked, until we tried to sneak out of his room (I blame the heavy fire doors). We tried the humming, slowly getting quieter and quieter, then walking out. Didn’t work. I tried sleeping on his floor. I got in his cot. We argued. We drove around at 1am to get him back to sleep. We did everything and nothing worked.

We decided enough was enough. And we attempted to do the crying out technique. I felt so bad as I knew that Milo just wanted to do as he did for the last few months and that was to come in for cuddles.

It took three days. Day 1, Milo screamed for three hours after waking up early hours of the morning . He was chucking his comforter out every five minutes. He was jumping up and down. He was very snotty. We went in to retrieve his bunny (comforter) every five minutes. Laid him back down. But we did not speak to him nor did we cuddle or kiss him. It was hard. The crying method is not for the faint hearted. Day 2, Milo woke up in the middle of the night. It took an hour. I felt like we had accomplished something. I was so proud of Milo. Day 3, it took 20 minutes.

It was so good. No more wake ups during the night. We decided no more morning sleeps and all was fine. But then we moved homes when Milo was 13 months. And we was was back to the 9 month struggles we had before. Yet this time we introduced a Gro-Clock from Grocompany. The idea is, you set the clock to your desired time (6am/7am). You set the clock every night  (its easy) and this is when the clock turns blue. A blue clock means it is sleep time. In the morning (at your desired time), the clock will turn yellow. A yellow clock means it is wake up time! Everyone doubted us. “You can’t do this”. “He is too young”. “It won’t work”.

But guess what. It did work. Milo understood. He even woke up in the night, he did not cry. He just went back to sleep. People were surprised and so were we. Now Oscar has this clock as he started trying to wake up at 5am a few months back. We positioned the clock in his room on the side and we set the wake up time to 6am for the clock to go yellow.

Every night before he goes to bed, we set the alarm together. The clock turns blue and Oscar says “blue blue”. We then say good night and have a kiss. In the morning, Oscar points to the clock and tries to say yellow and begins to clap. He understands that when it is yellow, he is allowed to wake up.

I hope this has made you realise that I have not always had a perfect sleep pattern on lock. We have had our trails and errors too, just like everyone else. If you make mistakes it can be rectified. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Watch this video, it is so easy to use!!

Lots of Love

Educating Mummy.

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