Differences between Milo’s & Oscar’s first year.

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Oscar is one today!

Turning one is such a big milestone to me. It has flown by so quickly and I feel a little sad that I do not have a little baby anymore. However, I am also excited to see what the next year holds for us all. I am not a parent who thinks they are wishing their baby’s life away by looking forward to milestones they are yet to meet.

Having your second baby is definitely different in comparison to your first. However, I do not agree with all of the generic memes you see on social networking. Milo and Oscar’s first year’s have been different in more ways than one.

Firstly, I have been a lot more relaxed with Oscar being held by people. When Milo was a baby I did not like many people holding him. I thought they may have had germs and quite honestly, I felt a little insecure and very very protective. Now looking back it was not healthy, but with Oscar I will let all family members and friends  hold him.

 I have purchased far less clothes. With Milo I purchased clothes endlessly. Even if he had a wardrobe full of clothes and I saw something ‘cute’ I would get it. Such a waste of money.

 I take far MORE pictures now. When Milo was a baby I had a blackberry. I took rubbish pictures more often than not. Normally people say you take less photos of the second and third child but I definitely take way more now.

 I play less. With Milo we did not leave him to play alone. Of course, interaction with babies is important but he never played alone. This has come back to bite us on the bottom, as Milo really dislikes playing alone now. This is why I sit back more with Oscar and let him play on the floor with his toys.

Oscar has eaten home cooked meals since he started eating (apart from at two shoots we have been on and needed more food). I usually see people saying again the second child has the jars and the first have fresh but not for us.

 I have shown him off. I was very protective of Milo and I did not post or allow anyone else to post a picture of Milo on social networking until he was very very old. With Oscar I have been far more lapse. I think I have moved with society. It is far more acceptable to post pictures of your children now even though I understand it can have some security issues.

I used to take Milo to get weighed every time I could. However, with Oscar I can not remember the last time he was weighed. To be honest, I can’t be bothered with all of the aggy comments I get from the health visitors anymore.

The weekends used to be all about Milo as a baby/toddler. However, since Oscar is not an only child he usually gets carted around and follows Milo to his weekend antics. Oscar is yet to have the weekends devoted to him.

Sometimes I have felt guilty about some things I have done with Oscar now in comparison to Milo and I also have a sense of guilt for the things I did with Milo and not with Oscar. But I understand that it is not possible to parent two children exactly the same. Especially when there is a five year gap. I have evolved and matured since Milo was first born and my position was completely different to what is is now.

I love being a parent and I love my children!

Happy Birthday Oscar

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