From breast to bottle.

If you read my last post about my breastfeeding experience, I hope I have not put you off of trying. If I had another baby, I would try to breastfeed again. I did not write it to put you off, or to stop anyone from trying, it was just an honest account of what I experienced. Nevertheless, this post is going to be dedicated to the journey and experiences we had whilst transitioning from the breast to bottle.

So when I was at hospital, I was not allowed to breast feed for three days due to the radiation that remained in my body after some scans I needed. So I had a break from breastfeeding but upon arriving home and beginning to start breastfeeding again I was finding it very difficult due to how demanding it was on my body physically and mentally. It was decided after a little while that Oscar was going to be bottle fed.

The three days in hospital that Oscar was breastfed was amazing which was probably because the responsibility of feeing Oscar was shared.. However, once we had settled back into home life and Oscar was beginning his full bottle fed diet, Oscar was demanding milk as if he was still being breastfed. He would drink very little of each bottle (which was a waste) and if he was not fed immediately he went from zero to one hundred in a matter of minutes.

We had not given Oscar a dummy yet as to be quite honest I did not want to make a rod for my own back (I know a lot of you hate that saying but that is what I thought). Milo never had a dummy and although I had purchased a few for Oscar quite honestly, I did not really want to use them. However, as a few days past of Oscar demanding milk like he did when he was breastfed,  we gave into the dummy. I do not know what I did not do it sooner. The dummy allowed him to suckle on something for comfort without drinking his body weight in milk.

I knew for us this was a temporary fix as I knew that this was just due to Oscar being used to sucking for most part of the day. The dummy helped us to lengthen the time in between feeds which meant that when Oscar did want his milk he would drink a good amount opposed to just one ounce here and there. I found myself justifying to everyone why Oscar had a dummy because I really did not want him to have one.

But to be honest, I have the dummy to thank for helping us move from the breast to the bottle more effectively. I should not of worried about giving Oscar a dummy because he had it for a few weeks and then we chucked it out and he was fine. I would definitely recommend a dummy if you was experiencing the same issues as us.

As for my breasts during this transition stage. In order to not get mastitis again, I had to hand express a few times a day to ensure that my breasts did not become engorged again. The amount that i expressed over a period of a week or so declined each day which then reduced the amount I was producing.

Oscar begun to drink more milk, I stopped producing and I was well rested. I know that this transition from breast to bottle happened sooner that I thought and therefore, I did not expect the transition stage to be as hard as it was. Nevertheless, it was necessary for us and the struggles are now a distant memory.

Next week, I will be writing about the tips I would give ladies who are bottle feeding.

Lots of love,

Educating Mummy


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